Our First Intern – Kyle Feller – at an Event in February, 2014 With One of Our Cars

We have recently added “internship opportunities” to the Undiscovered Classics family.  

The internship program focuses on experiences across the Forgotten Fiberglass, Sport Custom, and Belly Tank/Streamliner segments of our organization.  Our first internship offered hourly compensation in addition to educational opportunities. Future internships may include housing and travel stipends depending on skill level of applicants.  

Internships can be as little as 3 months depending on the needs and schedule of the student and our current project load. Applicants may apply for on-site internships (emphasis in hands-on projects) as well as virtual internships (focusing on research, writing, and web development). Internships are designed to allow work experience in research, writing, restoring, exhibiting, and representing our organization in a wide range of professional arenas.

We invite applicants to propose their own internship scope and direction as part of the application process. Once accepted, all internships are professionally administrated and academically adjudicated by Professor Geoff Hacker, Ph. D.  Additional supervision and educational opportunities are provided by Rick D’Louhy, Ph.D.

One of our first interns worked with us for approximately five months, averaging roughly 10 hours a week.  The summary of his experiences (provided by him) are shown below.


Kyle Feller and Ray Evernham of the Velocity TV Channel Show “AmeriCarna” – to be Seen in Early 2015.

Summary of Internship Experience – 2014

During my internship at Forgotten Fiberglass, one of the more influential and inspiring things was seeing that designing and hand building a car can in fact be done by an individual. 

The creation of a car, contrary to popular belief, does not take millions of dollars and hundred person engineering and design teams—only a clever individual with a vision. During my time in Tampa, Florida working with Forgotten Fiberglass’s handcrafted cars, I saw how truly simple and doable the construction of fiberglass/ handcrafted vehicles can be.


Kyle Helping Load a Rare Un-built CRV Speester Body at “Fiberglass Farms”

Aside from being inspired by these cars and their stories during my internship, I was able to further practice and develop my mechanical skills on different, new systems that, because of their rarity, I might never have been otherwise exposed.


Kyle Feller and Cass Michaels at DuPont Registry’s “Concours in the Park” in Early 2014

Along with the practical learning and work came a historical education, not in just a few makes of cars but in the origins of a whole genre of vehicles that few people even know exist. Geoff Hacker knows these cars and the culture that built them better than anyone, and he loves nothing more than to share his knowledge with anyone interested. 


Kyle Feller and Craig Johnson Retrieving the 1952 Piranha Speedster From Fiberglass Farms

This knowledge is not just of the nitty gritty model-to-model differences and information that consumes many auto enthusiasts, but of an entire forgotten automobile subculture of talented and motivated dreamers.

Not only does he find their stories in his ever growing collection of books, photographs, newspaper clippings, and trade magazines—he tracks down and befriends original designers and builders along with their families, discovering firsthand stories and details.


During Filming of “AmeriCarna” in the Summer of 2014 – Kyle Feller with Ray Evernham

Geoff also gave me the chance to research and write articles for the Forgotten Fiberglass website. This was an amazing opportunity for me, as the history is one of the most charming and inspiring things about these cars, and it was extremely exciting to share their untold stories and motivate others to find, restore, or perhaps even build their own unique automobiles.

Kyle Feller, Intern, 2014


The Final Day of the Shoot For “AmeriCarna” – Kyle Feller, Ray Evernham, and the Guys of Forgotten Fiberglass

Please contact us for additional detail to discuss possible future internship opportunities.

Geoff Hacker, Ph.D. / Rick D’Louhy, Ph.D.

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