Victress S1A Scale Models Now Available – Featuring the Johnny Dark Victress

Two Models of the Victress S1A Roadster Are Now Available For Purchase

Hi Gang… Great news… can now create your own Undiscovered Classics collection and save some garage space while doing so.   Thanks to the efforts of Alex Kotyar of Esval Models and some keen rendering work of artist extraordinaire Dan Palatnik, scale models of a 1953 and 1954 … Continue reading

Victress – Home

Victress  Manufacturing Home  Page 1952 – 1961 This section of our website is under construction as of 10/1/2019.  We will continue adding details and features over the next few months so check back and see our progress.  And….welcome to our … Continue reading

1961 LaDawri-Victress Assembly Manual

1961  LaDawri – Victress  Assembly  Manual John  Gulow  Archives Click  Here  To  Learn  More  About  The  History  of  This  Assembly  Manual Scroll down this page to view / download this assembly manual Click  Here  To  Read  The  1961  LaDawri – … Continue reading

Victress Showcase

Victress  Showcase 1953  Victress  S1 – Guy Mabee Special 1952 Victress S1A – Fred Bodley’s Lost Motor Trend Victress Special 1958 Victress C3 Coupe – The Packwood Special 1955 Victress C2 Coupe – Mike Leicester … Continue reading

Victress Advertisements 1953

Victress  Advertisements 1953 This is the earliest ad known for Victress.  It is to be co-sponsored by Hellings showing their close relationship at the time.  The Victress shown in the rendering below was built by Virgil Rice and appeared in … Continue reading

Victress in the Press: 1956 – 2005

Victress  In  The  Press  And  On  The  Field 1953 – 2005 Vintage Articles, On The Web, In Print, Podcasts, Videos and Events/Concours Attended In Print:  Oldest Articles at Bottom of Page 2000 Keith  Kaucher’s  Kit  Concepts  (Victress  C3  Coupe) Kit  … Continue reading

Victress Models Offered

Victress  Models  Offered S1 / S1A Roadster Year launched, wheelbase, track S4 Roadster S5 Roadster C2 Coupe C3 Coupe Dragster Custom  Bodies / Prototypes Pioneer, C3 Roadster and More … Continue reading

Showcase: 1954 Victress S1 – Motor Trend Victress

Showcase 1954  Victress  S1A – Motor  Trend  Victress Owner:  Guy  Dirkin,  Clermont,  Florida History of This Car The 1954 “Motor Trend” Victress S1A has a great individual history, but also quintessentially represents the history of the American Post-War Sports car. … Continue reading

Victress Brochures

Victress  Brochures Catalog Featuring a Victress S1 and S4 1954 Hellings  Flyer  For  Victress  And  More Various  Years Catalog Featuring a Victress S1, S4, S5 and Dragster 1955 Sample  Letters  From  Victress … Continue reading

Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance – Cars for 2023

Pebble  Beach  Concours  d’Elegance Proposed  For  August,  2023 Class:  American  Sport  Customs Sport  Custom  Definition Click  Here  To  Learn  More Additional  Cars Byers SR-100 – Geordie Prodis Allied Swallow Coupe – Darrin Allied Blackhawk – Dr. Richard – Brandon Kunicki … Continue reading


Trends Recent events which support a growing appreciation of American handcrafted sports cars.  Click on links below to explore these events. Undiscovered Classic Cars Appear in Museums Across the Country Undiscovered Classics: March 14, 2020 Amelia  Island  Concours  d’Elegance  Features … Continue reading

Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance – Cars for 2022

Amelia  Island  Concours  d’Elegance Five  Cars  For  March,  2022 Classes:  Sports  Car  Classes  By  Year 1966 Cannara Designed  and  Built  By  Ray  Cannara – Mentored  by  Strother  MacMinn The  Original  Wedge  Car Owner: Guy Dirkin Click  Here  For  More  Information … Continue reading


2022 Click on the Following Links To Review Each Article Concours  d’Elegance  Appearances Gasparilla Concours d’Elegance Tampa, Florida Two  Cars:  1969  Chevrolet  Asteroid  Show  Car 1966  Chevrolet  Cannara  Concept December 2022 Cigar City Concours d’Elegance Tampa, Florida Cars: 1955  Frazer  … Continue reading

1953 Grantham Stardust Restoration Begins

Twelve Grantham Stardust Sports Cars Were Built – Just Four Remain

Hi Gang… Exciting news for one of my favorite handcrafted cars of the 1950s – the Grantham Stardust.  While we have an unrestored example in our collection, Undiscovered Classics has partnered with David Deluca to restore and show his Stardust … Continue reading

Frank Cornell Archives

Frank  Cornell  Archives Woodill  Wildfire  Historian  Emeritus From The Desk of Frank Cornell: December 25, 2019 I’d always been a “car guy”, and mostly into sports cars. I didn’t get interested in fiberglass until the early 70s when I purchased … Continue reading

Byers SR-100, CR-90 – Home

Byers  Sports  Car  History Featured  Stories  On  Byers  Sports  Cars  Below Overview Road and Track featured a Byers SR-100 on the cover of their magazine in February, 1957. John Bond who owned Road & Track felt it represented one of … Continue reading

1960 Byers – Evans Industries Memories

Byers  Brochures Evans  Industries:  Art  Evans  Memories January 23, 2009 E-mail From Art Evans to Geoff Hacker From: Art Evans [] Sent: Friday, January 23, 2009 10:34 PM To: Geoffrey Hacker Subject: RE: Attn: Art Evans: Evans Industries Ties with … Continue reading

Vintage and Modern Articles

Vintage  and  Modern  Byers Sports  Car  Articles Byers  Articles  on  Undiscovered  Classics Explore  The  Links  Below Featured  Articles Take A Ride With Us In Guy Dirkin’s 1956 Byers SR-100 Undiscovered  Classics:  August  25,  2019 The Cars of Amelia Island 2010: … Continue reading

Showcase: 1956 Byers SR-100

Showcase 1956  Byers  SR-100 Owner:  Guy  Dirkin,  Clermont,  Florida   History of  Byers  Sports  Cars Road and Track featured a Byers SR-100 on the cover of their magazine in February, 1957. John Bond who owned Road & Track felt it … Continue reading

Undiscovered Classic Cars at Major Concours

Undiscovered  Classic  Cars  at  Major  Concours 2007  to  Present 2020 Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance 1952  Voodoo  Gardner Showing  With  Owners  Brian  And  Sue  Ford 2019 Gasparilla Concours d’Elegance Two Cars: 1937 Custom Cord Phaeton 1954 Frazer Custom Cigar  City  Concours  … Continue reading

Undiscovered Classic Classes at Major Concours

Undiscovered  Classic  Classes  at  Major  Concours 2007  to  Present Concours  Attended 2020 Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance Amelia Island, Florida Class: 1949-1952 Sports Cars 1952 Voodoo Gardner March 8, 2020 2019 Cigar City Concours d’Elegance Tampa, Florida Class: Special Display Two … Continue reading

Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance 2020: Scott and Celesta Bosés 1959 Devin Porsche Special

Scott and Celesta Bosés Beautifully Restored Devin Porsche Special

Hi Gang… The 2020 Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance was quite an event.  Three different American Specials in three different classes which included a 1958 Victress S1A sports car, the one-off “1952 Voodoo Gardner Special” and today’s story – a  1959 … Continue reading

The First Concours d’Elegance Book (1969) – By Joseph H. Wherry

Above: America’s First Concours d’Elegance Book Was Penned By Joseph H. Wherry and Published in 1969

Hi Gang… Our enterprise, Undiscovered Classics, is all about research – especially the hard to get to “stuff”.  Undiscovered Classics is about:  Uncovering the history of the early postwar sports car marques such as Glasspar, Victress, and more. Revealing the … Continue reading

LaDawri: Instruction and Assembly Manuals

Instruction  and  Assembly  Manuals Click  on  the  Links  Below  To  Explore  Each  Assembly  Manual 1961  LaDawri – Victress  Assembly  Manual John  Gulow  Archives 1958 – 1959  LaDawri  Conquest:  Supplementary  Information John  Gulow  Archives 1957 – 1959  LaDawri  Coachcraft  – Conquest  … Continue reading

Raiders of the Lost Cars

“Raiders  of  the  Lost  Cars” The  Greatest  American  Car  Story  NEVER  Told What  People  Are  Saying… “In attempting to capture the significance and passion inherent in Undiscovered Classics, I can’t seem to shake the graphic allusion to Indiana Jones and … Continue reading

Posters – New and Vintage

Posters – New and Vintage Check out our poster selection below and download for free. To download a copy, right click on the image of the poster you are interested in.  Next, click on “Save Image As” to save the … Continue reading

Mark Greene

Mark  Greene TV,  Podcast  and  Automotive  Inspirer About Mark  Green  and  Cars  Yeah Learn About Cars Yeah Here Mark  Green  on  Cars  Yeah A Series of Short Interviews with Mark Cars  Yeah  &  Undiscovered  Classics Undiscovered  Classics  Interview  (Geoff  Hacker) … Continue reading

Valuation: Hagerty Value Guides

Valuation:  American  Specials Hagerty  Value  Guides  For  American  Specials The Valuation Guides maintained by Hagerty continue to show excellent results for nicely restored American Specials that have been brought back to beautiful condition. Overview Currently Hagerty value estimates exceed $100,000 … Continue reading

Valuation: American Specials: Auction Results

Valuation:  American  Specials Auction  Results Here at Undiscovered Classics we keep a keen eye on auctions as they relate to postwar handcrafted specials, and the news in the past few years has been increasingly positive.   What’s impressive is the consistently … Continue reading

Johnny Dark Movie – 1954

Johnny  Dark  Movie American  Specials  of  the  1950s  at  Their  Best Universal  International:  1954 Overview Review the stories below to learn more about this film Johnny Dark The Post World War II Sports Car Craze Played out on the Silver … Continue reading

Restorations: Customer

Customer  Cars  In  Restoration With  Undiscovered  Classics We are currently managing and restoring cars for many of our customers.  Here are some of these cars being restored.  We’ll be adding additional detail about their restorations soon. 1952  Voodoo  Gardner Designer: … Continue reading

Graham Kozak

Graham  Kozak Automotive  Journalist:  Autoweek  Magazine Stories  on  Undiscovered  Classics  Automobiles Most  Recent  Articles  Appear  At  The  Top The Beautiful Byers SR-100 Returns to Production –  With a Modern Twist Graham Kozak – Autoweek: April 30, 2019 Most Homebuilt Cars … Continue reading

1953, April: Hop Up Magazine

Plastic  Bodies  For  Home  Production Hop Up Magazine: April, 1953 First known photo of a Victress S1A sports car.  Person next to car is Jim Byers. Most  likely  the  First  Victress  S1. … Continue reading

Doc Boyce-Smith

Doc  Boyce-Smith Founder  Victress  Manufacturing  1952 Doc Boyce-Smith was born in 1924 and created Victress in 1952 at 28 years of age.  He spent… Early years During World War II Dry Lake Years College Years Creating Boyce-Smith Company Creating Victress … Continue reading

LaDawri Models Offered

LaDawri Models Offered Models Offered Conquest: Year launched, wheelbase, track QT Quest Daytona Sebring Del Mar LaDawri Acquired Victress Manufacturing in 1961 And Added The Following Models Castilian Coupe (Victress C3 Coupe) Sicilian Coupe (Victress C2 Coupe) Cavalier (Victress S4) … Continue reading

S1 / S1A Roadster

S1 / S1A Roadster History of Victress S1 / S1A design originated with BMW Detailed in Victress Literature Shown Throughout 1953 Book on How To Build a Fiberglass Sports Car Shown in 1954 Victress Brochure Shown in 1955 Victress Brochure … Continue reading

Instruction / Assembly Manuals

Instruction / Assembly Manuals Frame  Modification Author: Doc Boyce-Smith 1955 Fiberglass  Automobile  Body  Construction Author: Doc Boyce-Smith 1955 Victress  Build  Instructions 1954 How  To  Build  A  Fiberglass  Car Authors: Doc Boyce-Smith and Edmond Kelly Drawings: Hugh Jorgensen 1953   … Continue reading

Showcase: Forgotten Fiberglass

Forgotten  Fiberglass Showcase The  Best  Of  Designs,  History,  Innovation  and  Importance Handcrafted  Cars  That  Have  Stood  The  Test  Of  Time 1952  Voodoo  Gardner  Special Designed and Built by Jerry Gardner Owners: Brian and Sue Ford, Christchurch, New Zealand 1952  Glasspar  … Continue reading

LaDawri Coachcraft – Home

LaDawri  Coachcraft 1956-1965 Home  Page LaDawri  Coachcraft  History The LaDawri Conquest was designed and built by Les A. Dawes of British Columbia, Canada and is recognized as Canada’s first fiberglass sports car. The Conquest was first shown at the Pacific … Continue reading

George Barris

George  Barris:  Work  With  Undiscovered  Classics Custom  Car  Builder  and  Designer We’ve worked or met with George and/or his family Brett and Joji on several occasions, projects and/or exhibits as outlined below.  Latest information appears at the top of this … Continue reading

Merrill Powell

Merrill Powell Co-Founder of Victress Manufacturing (founded 1952) Designer of Victress C2 and C3 Coupe America’s First Fiberglass GT Coupe Sports Car of Original Design About Merrill  Powell  Interview Listening Time:  36 Minutes Cars Yeah!  April 12, 2014 Articles “The … Continue reading

Guy Dirkin

Guy  Dirkin Saved a Famous Victress, Built a Byers Race Car, Owns A Sport Custom, Races a GT 1 car, Participates in SCCA and Vintage Races 1949  Panache  Sport  Custom  to  Appear  at  the  Cigar  City Concours  d’Elegance  in  Tampa,  … Continue reading

1986: A Short History of LaDawri Coachcraft

A  Short  History  of  LaDawri  Coachcraft May,  1986 The history provided here is a summary of the work completed in the 1980’s and 1990’s by John Gulow, LaDawri Historian Emeritus.  We have continued to build on John’s work and have … Continue reading

1980, August 12: Vancouver Sun – LaDawri

One Man’s Pursuit of the LaDawri Vancouver Sun: August 12, 1980 “One Man’s Pursuit of the La Dawri” “The Vancouver Sun”, Tuesday, August 12, 1980 “Motoring” column of the “Outdoors” section Written by: Phil Hanson A couple of years ago … Continue reading

Undiscovered Classics: Vintage Media Archive 2000-2005

Undiscovered  Classics Vintage  Media  Archive  2000-2005 Cosmic  Concept Traditional  Rod  &  Kulture: Winter, 2005 Premier  Issue Cobra  in  the  Barn Great  Stories  of  Automotive  Archaeology Author:  Tom  Cotter – Published  2005 Woodill  Wildfire Fanning  A  Flame:  Woody  Woodill and the … Continue reading

Tom Cotter

Tom Cotter Barn Find Author, Collector, TV Personality About Tom  Cotter  Interview Listening Time:  38 Minutes Cars Yeah!  November 14, 2014 Undiscovered  Classics  Appearances TV,  Videos  &  On  The  Web Barn Find Hunter, Tom Cotter: Hagerty TV Episode #72 Viewing … Continue reading

Undiscovered Classics: Personality Profiles

Undiscovered  Classics:  Personality  Profiles These are Personality Profiles of some of the Undiscovered Classics Team – participants, contributors and more.  This list continues to grow so check back for additions.  We’re happy to have a large and expanding “tent” that … Continue reading

Undiscovered Classics & Forgotten Fiberglass

Undiscovered  Classics  &  Forgotten  Fiberglass Review  The  History  Of  Our  Site  And  Organization The  Beginning “Undiscovered Classics” began as “Forgotten Fiberglass” with the acquisition of my 1961 Covington Tiburon Coupe.  In the spring of 2006, my friend John Bowen called … Continue reading

Generation 1: 1951 to 1956

Generation 1: 1951-1956 Generation 1 fiberglass sports cars were characterized by… Allied (Swallow Coupe 94″ wb, Swallow Roadster 94″ wb) (Falcon Coupe 100″ wb, Falcon Roadster 100″ wb) Byers (SR-100, CR-90, Custom Bodies) Devin (Panhard, 27 Sports Car Bodies, Devin … Continue reading

Showcase: 1952 Glasspar G2

Showcase 1952  Glasspar  G2 Owners:  Brian  and  Sue  Ford,  Christchurch,  New  Zealand Best  Viewed  In  Landscape  Mode Use  On-Screen  Arrows  To  Move  Thru  Photos History  of  This  Car The Glasspar G2 is considered by many to be America’s first fiberglass … Continue reading

Restorations: Completed

Finished  Cars Here are some of our more interesting cars that we’ve restored or are nearing completion.  Most of the cars below have been sold and are with new owners. … Continue reading

A  Tribute  To  Rick  D’Louhy

A  Tribute  To  Rick  D’Louhy Forgotten  Fiberglass  Raconteur, Car  Show  Creator,  Historian,  Best  Friend  And  More In The Beginning Who doesn’t like a car adventure – and boy have I had one over the last 40 or so years.  But … Continue reading

Concours d’Elegance Classes Created

Concours  d’Elegance  Classes  Created Overview While we’ve participated in many concours events, (click here to view the highlights of some of these events) we’ve also had the honor of working with concours founders, creators, administrators and staff to create some … Continue reading

Scale Model Cars

SCALE  MODEL  CARS Victress and Glasspar and Kurtis – oh my.  Add to that the Leo Lyons Custom Mercury, the Cheetah “Moon” transporter and even more.  Yes we’ve been busy working with three different companies to produce a wide array … Continue reading

Forgotten  Fiberglass  Home  Page

Welcome  To  Forgotten  Fiberglass A  Division  of  Undiscovered  Classics Click  Here  To  Learn  More Best  of  the  Best  Showcase Beautifully  Restored  Rare  Sports  Cars Use  On-Screen  Arrows  To  Move  Thru  Photos Fiberglass  Car  History  And  Marques Generations 0 thru 4 … Continue reading

Business Cards – Collect ’em All

Business Cards – Collect ’em All We’ve always viewed cars as “art” and have taken this theme to our business cards from the start. These cards are also a subtle way of creating interest in rare “Undiscovered Classics” and “Forgotten … Continue reading


2017 Click on the Following Links To Review Each Article Concours  d’Elegance   Appearances Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance 1956 Bangert Manta Ray March 9-11, 2017: Amelia Island, Florida Museum,  Event  and  Exhibition  Appearances DuPont Registry Show June, 2017 Exhibited: 1956 Bangert … Continue reading


2016 Click on the Following Links To Review Each Article Concours  d’Elegance   Appearances Concepts Beyond Detroit Class (Two Cars) Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance:  Official Press Release Two Cars Attending: 1961 Covington Tiburon; 1950 Leo Lyons Custom Mercury March 10-13, 2016: … Continue reading


2015 Concours  d’Elegance   Appearances Ameila Island Concours d’Elegance: Forgotten Fiberglass Class 1953 Meteor SR-1 and More Boca Raton Concours d’Elegance 1946 Bill Burke Belly Tank Streamliner Award Won: “Rolling Sculpture” Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance 1950 Ultra Modern Mercury – Leo … Continue reading


2014 Click on the Following Links To Review Each Article Concours  d’Elegance   Appearances Boca Raton Concours d’Elegance 1955 California Special (LeGene Roadster) Museum,  Event  and  Exhibition  Appearances DuPont Registry Show July, 2014 Exhibited: 1955 Californian Roadster (LeGene Roadster) Corporate Office: … Continue reading


2012 Click on the Following Links To Review Each Article Concours  d’Elegance   Appearances Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance August, 2012 1947 Kurtis-Omohundro Comet Kirkland Concours d’Elegance September 9, 2012 1947 Kurtis-Omohundro Comet Salisbury Concours d’Elegance September 8-9, 2012 Salisbury House & … Continue reading


2011 Click on the Following Links To Review Each Article Concours  d’Elegance   Appearances Milwaukee Masterpiece Concours d’Elegance 1961 Covington Tiburon Coupe August, 2011 Museum,  Event  and  Exhibition  Appearances   On  The  Web Ebay Find: Rare ’59 Bocar XP-5 Silodrome – … Continue reading


2010 Click on the Following Links To Review Each Article Concours  d’Elegance   Appearances Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance Forgotten Fiberglass Class & More Two Cars Attending: 1955 Californian (LeGene) and 1946 Bill Burke Belly Tank Streamliner March, 2010 Museum,  Event  and  … Continue reading


2008 Click on the Following Links To Review Each Article Concours  d’Elegance   Appearances Barrington Concours d’Elegance 1956 Byers SR-100: Owner Guy Dirkin Arlington Heights, Illinois October 5, 2008 Meadowbrook Concours d’Elegance 1952 Maverick Sportster: Owner Fred Roth Rochester, Michigan August … Continue reading

New Acquisitions

New Acquisitions Here are some of the cars we’ve hunting and successfully brought down to Undiscovered Classics in Tampa, Florida in the past year or so. 1949 WOW Cadillac Convertible (1 of 1) Built in the late 1940s, The WOW … Continue reading

Dave Perry

Dave Perry Old School Restorations Born in ’42, I got my first fiberglass ‘itch ‘in 1956 when I began building my second street rod, the 47 Chevy Fastback that I got after my dad bought a new Mercury Montclair. Early, … Continue reading

Research Approach For Undiscovered Classics

Undiscovered  Classics  Research  Approach First: We’ve combed thru (and are still working on) reviewing all articles on fiberglass cars in American 1950’s enthusiast magazines such as Hot Rod, Motor Trend, Road and track and other well known titles. Second:  We’ve identified thru … Continue reading

People Interviewed As Part of Research

People  Interviewed  As  Part  of  Research This shows (in process) a list of the people we interviewed to learn the details and history of these cars and their companies.  This list also includes first-person histories or research written by individuals … Continue reading

Our  Story – A  Historical  Perspective

Our  Story – A  Historical  Perspective Introduction From concept cars to teardrop streamliners… From vintage race car transporters to lakesters… From race cars to sports cars… From legendary custom cars to even concept dune buggies… Geoff Hacker and his team have … Continue reading

Museum, Event and Exhibition Appearances

Museum, Event  And  Exhibition  Appearances Overview Here at Undiscovered Classics we’ve been fortunate to help create, participate and also be invited to show our cars at a number of museums and exhibitions across the USA.  These include:  Add Dupont registry … Continue reading