Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance – Cars for 2023

Pebble  Beach  Concours  d’Elegance Proposed  For  August,  2023 Class:  American  Sport  Customs Sport  Custom  Definition Click  Here  To  Learn  More Additional  Cars Byers SR-100 – Geordie Prodis Allied Swallow Coupe – Darrin Allied Blackhawk – Dr. Richard – Brandon Kunicki … Continue reading

Coupe of Desire – The 1968 Snedeker Coupe

The 1968 Leo Snedecker Coupe – An Artistic Mix of Byers and Kellison

Hi Gang… Dave Peterson’s telling of the story of his two cars – both built by Leo Snedecker – really underlines the fact of just how “handcrafted” these special-built sports cars were across America.  And as you’ll read, Leo didn’t … Continue reading

Byers SR-100, CR-90 – Home

Byers  Sports  Car  History Featured  Stories  On  Byers  Sports  Cars  Below Overview Road and Track featured a Byers SR-100 on the cover of their magazine in February, 1957. John Bond who owned Road & Track felt it represented one of … Continue reading

Model SR-100 Specifications

Model  SR-100  Specifications Model SR-100 (as reported in Byers Brochures) Designer: Jim Byers (based on Dick Jones/Meteor SR1 design) Model: SR-100 (SR or “Sports Roadster”) Introduction Date: 1955 Production: 1955-1961 (Byers) 1961-1965 (Kellison) Wheelbase: 99 to 101 inches (100 inches optimum) … Continue reading

Byers Brochures

Byers  Brochures Byers  Company  Production  &  Sales 1957 Fiber-Craft 1958 J.E.  Byers  Fiberglass  Company Based  on  Rollie  Langston  Communication,  Jim  Byers Changed  the  Name  Of  His  Company  in  1958 1959 J.E.  Byers  Fiberglass  Company 1963 Last  Year  Known  For  Byers  … Continue reading

Showcase: 1956 Byers SR-100

Showcase 1956  Byers  SR-100 Owner:  Guy  Dirkin,  Clermont,  Florida   History of  Byers  Sports  Cars Road and Track featured a Byers SR-100 on the cover of their magazine in February, 1957. John Bond who owned Road & Track felt it … Continue reading

Silodrome: Stories on UC Cars

Silodrome – Gasoline  Culture  Magazine  Stories  on  Undiscovered  Classics  Automobiles On  The  Web Silodrome:  Gasoline  Culture  Magazine Home  Page Articles The  Galileo  Special Silodrome: XXX X, 2020 Singer  American  Specials Silodrom: xxx x, 2020 The  Remarkable  1956  Manta  Ray  By  … Continue reading

Generation 2: 1956-1969

Generation 2: 1956-1969 Generation 2 fiberglass sports cars were characterized by… Bocar Devin  Sports  Cars Kellison LaDawri  Coachcraft The Cavalier Was Launched in Vancouver, Canada in 1956 The Name Changed to Conquest and it was Launched in the USA in … Continue reading

Concours d’Elegance Classes Created

Concours  d’Elegance  Classes  Created Overview While we’ve participated in many concours events, (click here to view the highlights of some of these events) we’ve also had the honor of working with concours founders, creators, administrators and staff to create some … Continue reading


2018 Click on the Following Links To Review Each Article Concours  d’Elegance  Appearances Museum,  Event  and  Exhibition  Appearances Show  Cars  From  The  Sea Norwalk  Maritime  Aquarium,  Norwalk  Connecticut Two Cars: 1956 Bangert “Manta Ray” and 1962 “Shark” Roadster Saturday June … Continue reading


2017 Click on the Following Links To Review Each Article Concours  d’Elegance   Appearances Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance 1956 Bangert Manta Ray March 9-11, 2017: Amelia Island, Florida Museum,  Event  and  Exhibition  Appearances DuPont Registry Show June, 2017 Exhibited: 1956 Bangert … Continue reading

Dave Perry

Dave Perry Old School Restorations Born in ’42, I got my first fiberglass ‘itch ‘in 1956 when I began building my second street rod, the 47 Chevy Fastback that I got after my dad bought a new Mercury Montclair. Early, … Continue reading

Production Numbers

PRODUCTION  NUMBERS For the aforementioned reasons concerning the time and effort it took to complete a sports car, more – or less – of these cars were built than one might have imagined.  When looking at production numbers from the … Continue reading


THE  FORGOTTEN  FIBERGLASS  FAMILY— OUR  CONTRIBUTORS — “We’re Honored To Have So Many Passionate Contributors to the Cause – People We Consider to be Part of the Forgotten Fiberglass Family” The  Forgotten  Fiberglass  Family: Forgotten Fiberglass is much larger than … Continue reading