Aurora Concept Car Drawing by Alfred Juliano: Debuts in Early 1956

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Here’s one of the press release photos and captions we recently found concerning the Aurora concept car.  And….we’re happy to share it with you here today at Forgotten Fiberglass:


Safest Car and Priest Designer
Brandford, Connecticutt: February 28, 1956

This is a drawing of an automobile body designed by Reverend Alfred S. Juliano, right, of the Holy Ghost Fathers, who is assigned to St. Mary’s Church here.  Car body, designed to be used with luxury type engines and chassis from large cars, is called “the safest car in the world” by its designer.

It will be manufactured by Juliano Cars, Inc.  Note backward slanting windshield and clear plastic roof of body which is 18 feet long and molded in fiberglass.



Quite a concept and the car was built and has been beautifully restored – as you’ll soon see here at Forgotten Fiberglass.

Hope you enjoyed the story, and until next time…

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