Oh Where Oh Where Are These Fiberglass Cars…..

Hi Gang…

Daniel Strohl from Hemmings enjoys these cars as much as we do.  Recently, he offered to help in Rick’s and my quest to find examples of some of the cars we have researched – that are still missing.  Most prominently, these are the Vale, Savage, and Rockefeller.  There are more too, but Dan has a much better way of expressing this question.  That is, in the January 2010 edition of Hemmings Classic and Sports Car, Dan features a column attached for your review.

Thanks for the help in locating these cars Dan.  I hope your readers may find some treasures for Rick and I to visit.  After all, I’m gettin ichin for another trip across the USA…

Hope you enjoy Dan’s story below, and be sure to checkout the other excellent features in Hemmings Classic Car – January 2010 – on the newstands now (or very soon).

Geoff Hacker

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