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We’re expanding our For Sale section of Forgotten Fiberglass to accommodate the needs of our growing Handcrafted Sports Car and Sport Custom community as follows: 

Click  Here  To  Review  Handcrafted  Cars  For  Sale

This shows the current handcrafted cars available for sale across the nation

Click  Here  To  Review  Items  Available  in  our  Forgotten  Fiberglass  Store

This section is new and will be expanding over time.

Click  Here  To  Review  Fiberglass  and  Aluminum  Parts  For  Sale

These are parts that are available for your early fiberglass sports car – additional parts are added throughout the year.  Original parts available are also shown.

Click  Here  To  Review  Books,  Posters  &  Literature  For  Sale

 This page shows books you can purchase which focus on early fiberglass sports cars and sport custom cars and reproduction literature from “back in the day”

Click  Here  To  Review  Forgotten  Fiberglass  Merchandise  For  Sale

We’ll be offering Forgotten Fiberglass merchandise in the near future for those of  you who want to celebrate these wonderfully historic automobiles.  Currently we have Firewall Badges available for those of you who may want a nice finishing touch to your handcrafted automobile.

Click  Here  To  Review  Flyers,  Posters,  &  Art  Cards  For  Sale

This area shows the wide range of printed materials available to showcase these cars when on exhibit, at concours or shows, and on display in museums.


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