Vintage Catalogs

Click on any catalog photo on this page and another window will open showing the full catalog – page by page – for your review.  As we scan more vintage fiberglass sports car catalogs, the results will appear here.  Thanks to good friend Jim Walker for collaboration in making this page possible.  Thanks Jim!


1952:  Lancer – Building The Plastic Car
1952: Skorpion: Fiberglass Auto Body Construction Manual
1952: Lampman – Custom Cars: Glass Fabric Hydro Styling
1953: Lancer – Building the Plastic Car
1953:  Victress – How To Build a Fiberglass Car
1953: Skorpion – Fiberglass Auto Body Construction
1954:  Victress Manufacturing Catalog
1955: Maverick – Put Your Brand on a Maverick 1
1955: Victress – Fiberglass Automobile Body Construction
1955 Victress Manufacturing Catalog
1956 Victress Manufacturing Fold-Out Brochure
1957:  LaDawri Coachcraft Catalog #1 1
1957:  LaDawri Coachcraft Catalog #2 scan_4094
1958:  Sports Car Engineering img393
1963:  La Dawri Coachcraft Catalog  
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