Forgotten Fiberglass: The Fiberglass Forest Includes…


We refer to the Fiberglass Forest as all of those locations where fiberglass cars are located, secured, worked on, and “hidden’ across the land – and maybe some steel and aluminum cars too.

Currently these locations include:

Fiberglass Farms
(Storage For Some of our Cars)


Panorama of One Corner of Fiberglass Farms

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Fiberglass Farms

The Glass Menagerie
(Our Workshop / Indoor Storage)


Meet Craig Johnson of The Glass Menagerie

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Our Workshop – The Glass Menagerie

The Glass House
(Home Base of Fiberglass & Handcrafted Research)


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The Glass House

While “Fiberglass Farms,” “The Glass Menagerie,” and “The Glass House” represents part of our collection waiting for their call to restoration,
here are some more pages you may enjoy visiting:

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