Fiberglass Farms



Nice Panorama of Part of Fiberglass Farms

Down a dirt road we drive…somewhere in rural Florida….
in search of “Fiberglass Farms”

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The Legend of “Fiberglass Matt” and the Lost Treasure of Fiberglass Farms

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Pre-Amelia Roundup at Fiberglass Farms – March 13, 2015

Once or twice a month, Rick D’Louhy and I make the trip to “Fiberglass Farms” – a place we store just a few of these gems from the past. Pulled, poked, prodded and saved along a frequently divergent path, we document the history and importance of enthusiasts who built their own sports cars in the early 1950’s.


A Hidden Road….Somewhere in the Swamps of Florida

Not all the cars we save are fiberglass – quite a few are built from steel and aluminum – which makes this story even more fascinating considering the wide range of skills required to build, drive and sometimes create a small business around these cars.


1955 Dick Siebler Special – First of Two Made

Often Rick and I wonder if we might someday discover another place just like this.  A place where lost show cars, abandoned concept cars, buried one-off specials, and former Motorama cars were all collected by an earlier automotive archaeologist – a person who sought to preserve and celebrate the ingenuity of this generation, driven to dream, design, build, and drive cars of their own design.


1955 McCormack Show Car

Maybe that archivist is out there or maybe he is hidden in many of our readers – one story, one car, one person at a time. Which is why we strive to both tell and celebrate their story and learn from others on our website “Forgotten Fiberglass” and with readers/enthusiasts all over the world.


1956 Byers SR-100

Is there some “Forgotten Fiberglass” in your past?  Story or car, we invite you to join us on our website – Forgotten Fiberglass – sharing cars and the great stories that shaped both the cars and people of a forgotten era. 


1960 Smith Six “Cinnamon Girl” – one of one


1953 Lancer – the oldest known Fiberglass sports marque in America


1960 Smith Six “Cinnamon Girl” – one of one


1952 Maverick Sportster – 1 of 3 Known To Exist


1953 Grantham Stardust and his buddies – 1955 McCormack, 1955 Siebler Special, and 1952 Glasspar G2. A bit of a 1958 Alken is seen at the lower right.


1952 Glasspar G2


1952 Glasspar G2


1956 Byers SR-100 and 1954 Victress S4


Nice Panorama of Part of Fiberglass Farms


1955 McCormack Show Car and 1955 Siebler Special


1956 Byers SR-100, 1954 Victress S4, 1955 McCormack Show Car


1955 Studebaker Stilleto Show Car – one of one


1955 Almquist / Clearfield Plastics Sabre


1958 Alken Special – one of four known to exist


1952 Maverick Sportster


1955 Elwood Caufmann Bangert Manta Ray Show Car – one of four known Manta Ray Survivors

While “Fiberglass Farms” represents part of our collection waiting for their call to restoration,
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