For Sale in USA: 1956 Byers SR-100

Guy Dirkin’s Byers SR-100 Is Now For Sale

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One of the nicest Byers SR-100 sports cars out there has just been listed for sale by its owner, Guy Dirkin.   The car was originally built in the 1950s and has been restored with an eye toward racing it.  You can read more about its design and restoration in the eBay link below.

Guy has shown his car at the Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance and other events.  It’s always been well-received at each outing and received an award at Amelia.  You can track and/or participate in the auction for this car by clicking on the link below.

Click Here To View Guy Dirkin’s Byers SR-100 Sports Car on eBay

Here’s a bit of the write up that appears on eBay for the Byers SR-100:

“This Byers SR-100 was built as a vintage race car, but was so nice it has been a show car, so far. The car has been in several Concour events, including The Amelia Island Concour, where it won an award. The car was professional built.  The chassis was designed and built by a degreed engineer / chassis builder. Currently the engine in the car is a stock 1956 265 Chevrolet, but is is mated to a Muncie M21 transmission and 8 inch Ford axle with a limited slip differential. 

The rear suspension was upgraded to a four link.  Front suspension is independent, 1949 Ford. The car has no doors, which allowed the used of side impact protection on both sides of the car.  The stance of the car in the photos is in street suspension configuration. For racing purposes, the ride height is lower.

All in all, this car is ready for a suitable race engine and ready to compete up front. Or, keep the car in show status and be accepted in major concours, world wide. The professional engineering in this car and the development time is expensive to replicate. This car will get you down the road, or track, fast and safe!”


We wish Guy Dirkin the best of luck in finding a new owner for his sports car.  For those of you interested in considering an Undiscovered Classics car for sale, check out the link below:

Undiscovered Classics Cars For Sale

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