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Bill Tritt designed the Glasspar G2 body in response to a request in 1950 by his friend Ken Brooks.  The first car received acclaim when it debuted at the November 1951 Petersen Motorama, and plans were made to begin offering G2 bodies to the public.  Sales and interest again skyrocked months later when Life Magazine in February 1952 wrote an article about these cars focusing on the Glasspar G2 solely.   Bill Tritt is recognized as the father of the modern fiberglass based sports car, and is honored as such by historians and the National Corvette Musuem in Bowling Green Kentucky where a plaque hangs on the walls in his honor.   Tritt went on to design the Woodill Wildfire sportscar for Woody Woodill in 1952/1953 and produced these bodies as well for Woodill.  Around 1955 Tritt again designed a car called the “Ascot” which was the first neoclassic offered to the public.  Sadly, this venture was halted so that more focus could be brought to Glasspar boats – which was (as Bill Tritt reminds anyone who asks) 80% or more of Glasspar business.

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