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Dick Jones originally conceived of the Meteor in late 1952 / early 1953.  He was heavily influenced by Ferrari’s of the era, and thought that an American styled sports car using the same features would be an exciting addition to the landscape.  He started with a design and went thru several iterations before setting on the final that was sculpted in plaster and molds taken from.  This occurred in early 1953 and by that time he had brought in Jim Byers, who had previous fiberglass experience.  Jones and Byers worked for approximately 2000 hours to create the plaster buck and molds, and by late 1953 they were ready to pull their first shell from their Compton California location. By November of that same year, they triumphantly introduced the Meteor SR1 (SR: Sports Roadster) at the Petersen Motorama.  Jone’s focus on creating the Meteor was to allow the average enthusiast an opportunity to build and own a sports car using conventional components that could be purchased locally, and at a reasonable cost.  With some hard work and another 2000 hours of building and assembling, anyone could own a Meteor SR1 Sports Car.  Jones produced the stunning Meteor bodies from 1953 thru 1955 in California and from 1955 thru 1961 in the Denver Colorado area.

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