The Cost Of Building Your Own Sports Car


Passion Plus Time = Sports Car

The process of building a sports car was not for the faint of heart.  Period magazines reported that building a car using an available fiberglass or aluminum body took an average of 2000 hours. 

That’s 50 weeks at 40 hours a week and 2 weeks off for good measure to complete a car in a full year.  If you use a modern rate of $50 an hour, labor alone would top $100,000 before buying your first part. 

These cars allowed enthusiasts to satisfy their desire to own an affordable American sports car.  Individuals got their hands dirty and went out and built what they wanted. 

Handcrafted American sports cars are often seen as quintessential “Americana” showing what individuals achieved when they brought forth their creativity, design, engineering, innovation, tenacity, and hand-crafting expertise.  

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