Jalopy Journal:
The best online source of hot rod and custom information around.  Ryan Cochran’s website is a great place to read about history, news, and share information and questions online with a great front page story and detailed discussion board

Hemmings Blog (Daniel Strohl):
The gang and hemmings runs a great website and Daniel Strohl leads the way with his focus on the unusual, one-off, and fascinating stories on history of these kinds of cars

Woodill Wildfire Online:
Created by Greg and Ted Griffin who are dedicated Wildfire fans.  Ted is one of the last two original owners and builders of a Woodill Wildfire, and both Greg (Ted’s son) and Greg share much of their knowledge online.

Kit Foster’s Carport:
Kit has been interested and writing about unusual cars since the 1970’s – and probably earlier.  Great guy and great website.

Michael Lamm: Lamm-Morada Publishing Co. Inc.
Michael Lamm helped start the appreciation of the history of vintage fiberglass cars and other cars of the 1950’s since the inception of a magazine he founded and edited (one of my favorites) called “Special Interest Autos.”  Articles in that publication represent the first iteration of documenting the history and importance of these cars – starting with a 1971 issue featuring the 1952 Maverick Sportster. As of 1996, Mike co-authored a book with Dave Holls called “A Century of Automotive Style” (now on DVD). Simply the best book I’ve seen on automobile design. It’s the most complete, authoritative history ever written about why American cars looked – and look – the way they do, who designed what, and why.

American Sports Cars:
This is Fred Roth’s website which covers American Sports cars of the 1940’s and 1950’s.  Fred has the most comprehensive collection of these cars around.

Old School Restorations:
Dave Perry both restores and collects vintage fiberglass cars from the 1950’s and beyond.  He shares his knowledge and restores cars as well for those interested.

1950’s Specials (UK-Foreign Fiberglass):
This site is run by Rob Daniels in the UK and is the best site out there on foreign fiberglass cars (or from his perspective….non-American cars…*wink*)

Amelia Island Concours d’ Elegance:
Bill Warner was the first to recognize vintage fiberglass sports cars and has been highlighting them at his Concours each year since 2007

Venus Website (Information and Restoration):
Update Blog:
Patrick McLoad is the son of Ken McLoad who designed and built the Venus Sports cars of Houston Texas.  Great website on the history of Venus and the restoration of Patrick’s car

CRV / AMT Piranha / Man From Uncle / Allied / Sportsland Website:
This site is run by our good friend Nick Whitlow who is the historian extraordinaire concerning these cars (and he’s working on getting one too!)

Allied / Atlas Automobile Site:
Excellent site run by Rory Reinbold that focuses on the Allied and Atlas cars built by Bill Burke, Mickey Thompson, and Roy Kinch.

Bill Fester’s Allied Car Project:
Keep up to date on the progress that owner and restore Bill Fester of Houston Texas makes on his Allied Coupe (94 inch wheelbase).  Great website and fun place to visit

Rik Hoving’s Kustoms Website
Rik has the largest database of custom cars from the 1940’s and 1950’s in the world.  He also features work on photo restoration and the design and development of custom cars for today’s enthusiast.

Sondre Kvipt’s Kustorama Website: 
Sondre’s Kustomrama website uses the Wikipedia format and is dedicated to traditional hot rods and kustom cars. It is an online encyclopedia covering all aspects of our kulture, and an excellent place to visit.

Pat Amendolia’s “Plastic Autos” Website:
Pat’s website is built on his fiberglass expertise and knowledge – which started with cars from the 1950’s.  Pat was close friends with Jim Rockefeller who created the Rockefeller Yankee fiberglass sports car.  He also bought out U.S. Fiberglass in Norwood New Jersey and sold the remaining bodies – which were based on the Victress S4.  Pat also built a fiberglass car in the 1960’s called the “TDX” – a beautifully built fiberglass sports coupe.  All can be reviewed on his website above.

Dan Palatnik’s Artwork – Fantastic Imagery: 
Dan’s blog and website show some of his expertise in artwork in a variety of forms.  He not only specializes in automobiles, but you’ll find boats, trucks, vintage electronics and quite a bit more on these sites.  While his blog is in Portuguese, the images he highlights are worth the visit.

Lee Exline’s “Powered Promotionals” Website:
Lee’s website is dedicated to Vintage Promotional cars of the 1950s and 60s with fiberglass or plastic bodies that were assembled to replicate full size production cars.

Most of us are familiar with quarter midgets (or some of us) from this era.  Lee brings a whole new expertise to this area with great photos, stories, and history of what most of us have never seen before.  Great website Lee!!!

Concept Car Website – Timeline:
European website (Polish?) that has excellent detail to many cars and great timeline of concept cars starting from the late 1930’s

Boats in the Belfry:
Great website showcasing fantastic fiberglass boats of the 1950’s and 1960’s.  Run by Kevin “Fin” Mueller, this site seems to be the flipside of our website on “Forgotten Fiberglass” – but in boats.  I’m afraid to contact Kevin because we might have too much in common.  Great site and be prepared to be dazzled by Kevin’s collection and expertise in this area.

In July 1998 this site began an attempt to recognize the style and creativity of the original fiberglass boat designs from the 50’s & 60’s, plus capture the spirit of a time that has since past.  This site honors the pioneering minds that conceived and created these beautiful, never to be made again, classic fiberglass boats.  Within this site, you will find information on classic fiberglass boats. There are many sections. All libraries, pictures and information are FREE.

PVB MotorSports:
Peter Boyd was one of the first to recognize the fun and importance of specials – fiberglass and other – to American car history.  He’s owned quite a bit of these and is a wonderful historian on them as well.  His website documents his expertise and adventures in this area.  When you visit the website, be sure to click on the choices at the top which show “Photos 2”, “Photos 3”, “Photos 1” and other.  Great job Peter!

Dean’s Garage:
Gary D. Smith is an Art Center graduate and lifelong designer   He worked at General Motors as an Exterior Designer when it was called “Design Staff”.  Gary has put together a fabulous design website that focuses on automobile design, history, racing and nostalgia.  Everything design.  In his own words….”This blog is dedicated to an age of optimism that is long since past. To the dreams and hopes of a bygone era. Perhaps the posts on this blog have stirred something within and revitalized an old spirit of creativity.”  A great place to spend time and learn more about design – on any day.

Devin Sports Cars
Historical website on Devin sports cars maintained by the Devin owners group based in Los Angeles, California

Devin Website: Kreg Jones
Here’s a website on Devin maintained by enthusiast Kreg Jones

Kellison Sports Cars
Historical website on Kellison sports cars maintained by the Kellison owners group based in Los Angeles, California

Four Cylinder Club of America (History)
The purpose of the Four Cylinder Club History Project is to gather as much information about the organization as possible, with the objective of documenting its history.  Possible projects include the publication of a book on the Four Cylinder Club of America, the creation of magazine articles about the club, and the maintenance of this web site.  The Four Cylinder Club of America was an important part of Post War automotive history, and this effort has been created to gather information and to help others learn about the role it played in automotive history.

All Car Index (Rare Cars)
Great site that covers all production and concept cars in the world.  Join our good friend Arunas Racelis from Lithuania in his pursuit of documenting the world’s cars with help from everyone – which includes you!

Along For The Ride:
Fiberglass friend John Straub’s look at vintage hot rod, custom car, drag racing, and automobilia from back in the day – that you probably haven’t seen before.  Great site to hang out on and have some fun!

Buchanan Fiberglass Sports Cars:
Excellent website on the Buchanan Fiberglass Sports Cars of Australia.  Definitely worth a visit 🙂


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