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Stories,  Stories  and  More  Stories

As of 2014, we have posted more than 700 stories on our website about vintage handcrafted cars which amounts to over 1,000,000 words about these vehicles.  The average 200 page book in America is just 50,000 words, so this is quite a database for those of you interested in vintage handcrafted cars.  

That is, you could be well on your way to becoming an expert by taking the time to read these stories, and that’s where we can help.  Because of the size of our website, you can search for articles in many different ways:

First: Our Home Page

You can view the stories as they appear on our main page or landing page of Forgotten Fiberglass.  This is the first page you see when you visit our website.  You can also access the landing page by clicking on the word Home at the top left of our website.  Our most recent stories appear on our main page of Forgotten Fiberglass.  

Click  Here  to  View  the  Main  Page  or  Landing  Page  of  Forgotten  Fiberglass

Second: Search Site Box

Use the Search Site box that appears at the upper right of the page and has the words Search Site in it.  This is what it looks like:


 Type the kind of fiberglass car or item you wish to learn about in this box and press ENTER.  Or, type the word you are searching for in this box and click on the small magnifying glass that appears to the right of the box.  When you take either action, a list of stories that match your search criteria will appear on the page.  

Please Note: If more than 20 stories are available to review, the words Older Posts will appear at the very bottom of the screen.  Click the words Older Posts to move to another page showing more stories related to your search term and repeat the actions above.  This image is shown below.


Third: Article Archive

Go to the main page or landing page of Forgotten Fiberglass (click here to take this action) and use our Article Archive to review the titles of all articles on our website.  You can find the link to Article Archive by clicking How To Search Forgotten Fiberglass which appears in the menu bar at the top of the screen.  When you do this, a drop down menu of items appears, and you should then click Article Archive.  

This is the list of additional menu items that you can use to navigate our website.  Article Archive appears about halfway down  from the top of the list.  Here’s what it looks like: 


 When you click on Article Archive, you will find that the titles of articles appear from the most recent at the top of the screen to the oldest at the bottom of the screen.  Click on the title of any article you are interested in and you will immediately be taken to that article.   

Click  Here  to  Visit  the  Article  Archive

Fourth: Archive Index

You can also click on Archive Index which is also found in the same way described above for the Article Archive.  This gives you another way to search and view articles by year, month, and date.  You can see what the link looks like in the image below.


Click  Here  to  Visit  the  Archive  Index

Fifth: Using the Category Search Feature

This is the most powerful way to search our website – and we’ve done most of the work for you already.  When you want to locate information about a specific car or topic, you can click on the link for Using the Category Search Feature found on the menu as described above.  This link is shown in the image below.    


Each story on Forgotten Fiberglass is placed in one or more categories to help locate what you are interested in more quickly.  

Click  Here  to  View  Using  the  Category  Search  Feature

Sixth: In The Media

We are proud that many of our Forgotten Fiberglass stories appear in the media in a variety of locations which include on the web, in print, and on TV/Video.   You can view these stories by clicking on the link titled In the Media… as shown below.  


Click  Here  to  View  In  The  Media…

When you click on the link shown above (In The Media), you will then see the following page:


When you see the choices above, you can take one of three actions:

1: Click on Forgotten Fiberglass Stories on the Web to view stories on Hemmings Motor News Daily,,,,,,,, and others too.  

Click  Here  to  View  Forgotten  Fiberglass  Stories  on  the  Web

2: Click on “Forgotten Fiberglass Stories That Have Appeared in Print” to view articles that have been published in books and magazines.  

Click  Here  to  View  Forgotten  Fiberglass  Stories  That  Have  Appeared  in  Print

3: Click on “Forgotten Fiberglass Stories on TV/Video” to view TV spots and videos that have featured Forgotten Fiberglass stories and cars.  

Click  Here  to  View  Forgotten  Fiberglass  Stories  on  TV / Video

Seventh: On Facebook

We also maintain a separate page on Facebook which shows both the stories that appear here on our Forgotten Fiberglass website as well as additional day-to-day activities and information that you may enjoy reading.  You can visit our Facebook page by clicking on the link below.  


Click  Here  to  Learn  More  About  Our  Facebook  Page  as  Well  as  Visit  the  Page  Itself

Final Thought:

In total, all of these search options give you ready access to any information you seek about these special cars.  And moreover, using these tools will help you become the expert we know you can be in vintage handcrafted cars – here at Forgotten Fiberglass.

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