Forgotten Fiberglass / Undiscovered Classics and More – Now on Facebook

Forgotten  Fiberglass  /  Undiscovered  Classics  and  More  –  Now  on  Facebook


Hi Gang…

Forgotten Fiberglass is on Facebook – hooray!  Facebook is one of many new “social media” channels that have become available in the past few years.  We’re excited to add this as another avenue of reaching out to car enthusiasts and crazy folks like us who marvel over the stories of building your own sports car in the early years (and later) of postwar America.

Some of you may have seen us on Facebook for several years as “Forgotten Fiberglass.”  Recently, changes have occurred to our Facebook presence, and it’s time to share these changes and the advantages they offer with everyone.

First, our Facebook name has changed from “Forgotten Fiberglass” to “Undiscovered Classics.”  This is purposeful.  All of our website posts on our three websites (Forgotten Fiberglass, Sport Custom, and Belly Tanks) will all now automatically appear on our Facebook page titled “Undiscovered Classics.

For those of you who may have not heard of this before, our main “gateway” or “portal” website to all that we do is  When you visit this website, you’ll gain access to visiting all of our websites (hence the name “gateway/portal”).  However, if you explore  you’ll find that it’s actually quite a bit more than just a portal or gateway.  Here’s what the home page of our Undiscovered Classics web page looks like:


Our Undiscovered Classics website contains background on not just the website but our cars, concours appearances, articles, tv/video spots, printed material and additional detail.  All this is used to support providing information and education about everything we do and that our group participates in to a growing worldwide audience.  And, this is designed to put our best foot forward in celebrating the cars and their history in every way.

With this in mind, our Facebook page for Undiscovered Classics will contain:

  • Links to every article that appear on our websites
  • Additional short stories – not seen on our Forgotten Fiberglass website (or other websites)
  • Information that occurs on a daily basis such as real time posts, photos, and short articles from visits, concour appearances, museum exhibitions, and other such events – and even video

Being able to communicate with folks in real time is a great advantage that Facebook offers. 

For example, during our recent (May, 2014) visit to Carlisle, Pennsylvania, we posted photos and stories on a daily basis to our Facebook page in nearly “real time” – including a video of Merrill Powell and Jim Robinson taking off in the Guy Mabee Victress race car.  Click here to see this video on Facebook.

Posting quick photos to provide insight into daily activities and sharing stories on Facebook of what’s happening “now” is much easier to do on Facebook than our website.  And….it’s this complementary process of: 

  • sharing substantive articles on our Forgotten Fiberglass website
  • posting real time communication of photos, videos, and stories on Facebook

that delivers an impactful one-two punch to communication from Forgotten Fiberglass and all of our websites.

And for those of you who don’t use Facebook or are not signed up for Facebook – don’t worry.  You have full access to our Facebook page without signing up.  No action is required of you.  Here’s the link to check out our new Facebook page – just click on this link and you’ll be taken there immediately:

Once you are on the Facebook page above, be sure to scroll down and check out all the posts and photos.  I’m sure you’ll find a few new things “fiberglassy” that you haven’t seen before.  And maybe a mystery car or two.

You can also visit our Facebook page – easily – from any of our websites.  All you need to do is click on the Facebook icon and you’ll be magically transported there.  Here’s how you do this.  First, look for a small blue square with an “F” for”Facebook” in it that appears in the Menu bar at the top right of the screen.  It always appears next to the “search site” box in the Menu Bar, and this appears on all of our websites.  

Click on this small box with an “F” in it and off you go.  Our Facebook page for “Undiscovered Classics” will appear.  See the image below.


So, I encourage each of you to visit our newly named Facebook page – Undiscovered Classics  – and our main gateway website    As a convenience, here are both links again and you can click on any of the links below to be taken immediately to each of these websites or Facebook pages:



And of course, you can always visit our other websites via our “Undiscovered Classics” website above or by clicking the following links:

Forgotten Fiberglass:

Sport Custom:

Belly Tanks and Streamliners:

Thanks for your support during this transition and I hope you enjoy these new and expanding features.  And….be sure to “Like Us” when you visit our Facebook page – we’d be greatly honored if you do so.  


And as always….

Glass on gang! 


Geoff Hacker: Forgotten Fiberglass

Rick D'Louhy:  Forgotten Fiberglass

Rick D’Louhy: Forgotten Fiberglass


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