The McCormack Custom Car Debuts at the 1955 Petersen Motorama – Car Craft: January 1956

Hi Gang… I wish I could have been there – the last Petersen Motorama of the 1950s. The actual name was “The 6th Annual International Motor Review” but that was the name change forced on Petersen in 1954 by an … Continue reading

Hot Rod Meets Sports Car: Bill Hebal’s Handcrafted 1946 Reichenbach Special

Hi Gang… Let’s work backwards in time. Today, good friend Bill Hebal and his wife Kate own a cool special from the 1940s.  That’s right….from 1946 to be exact.  Wouldn’t you want to know more….and I did 🙂   In response, … Continue reading

Create Your Own Custom Body – Vince Gardner Shows Us How To Design and Build Your Own Sport Car in 1952

Hi Gang… Small books were published throughout the 1950s by various automotive magazine publishers.  The largest producer of these books was Petersen Publishing – the organization that brought us Motor Trend, Hot Rod, and other such luminary magazines.  But Fawcett … Continue reading

1954 Custom Cars Trend Book Annual – Part 3: Woody Woodill & The Woodill Wildfire

Note:  This is the third in a series of stories about the fiberglass sports cars that appeared in the 1954 Custom Cars book by Motor Trend.  Click here to review each of these stories on Forgotten Fiberglass. ————————– Hi Gang… In the … Continue reading

Car Craft’s Building a Sorrell Fiberglass Sports Car – Part 2: The Fiberglass Female Mold

Note:  This is the second in a series of articles that appeared in Car Craft Magazine about the process of designing and building your own fiberglass bodied sports car. Car Craft published one of the most detailed series of articles ever to appear on … Continue reading

Robert Cumberford Says….”Don’t Build That Fiberglass Body!” (Car and Driver, Sept 1962) – Part 1

Hi Gang… As I’ve mentioned before, I feel like one of the luckiest “car guys” around. I’ve always been fascinated with corners of the world that are “less traveled.”  This has taken me on some of the most amazing journeys … Continue reading

Car Craft’s Building a Sorrell Fiberglass Sports Car – Part 1: Design and Full Scale Model

Note:  This is the first in a series of articles that appeared in Car Craft Magazine about the process of designing and building your own fiberglass bodied sports car. Car Craft published one of the most detailed series of articles ever … Continue reading

Forgotten Fiberglass On The Road to Carlisle: May 17-19 2013 – Seminar 1 – Forgotten Fiberglass

Hi Gang… Come one, Come all….The Forgotten Fiberglass Gang is heading north in May, 2013 to participate in the Carlisle Import & Kit Nationals.  Good friend Marvin McFalls, President of the Renault Owner’s Club of North America, put us in … Continue reading

The Argentina Built Porsche Powered Fiberglass Bodied 1954 Justicialista Sports Car

Hi Gang… Great news!  Reports from my good friend Randy Baron who recently visited Argentina confirms that the Justicialista Sports Car exists.  How cool!  It certainly has a great history and it’s neat to learn about one of the first … Continue reading

Aurora Concept Car Drawing by Alfred Juliano: Debuts in Early 1956

Hi Gang… Here’s one of the press release photos and captions we recently found concerning the Aurora concept car.  And….we’re happy to share it with you here today at Forgotten Fiberglass: Safest Car and Priest Designer Brandford, Connecticutt: February 28, … Continue reading

Rockefeller Yankee Debut in Automobile Topics: April, 1953

Hi Gang… Here’s another short article in the pursuit of placing all articles on fiberglass cars that were published in the 1950s online for your review and enjoyment – here at Forgotten Fiberglass.  This article is a press release photo … Continue reading

The Birth of the Flintridge DKW Darrin Mark II Sports Car: Motor Trend and Road & Track – Early 1957

Hi Gang… So far we’ve found two magazines that heralded the announcement that a newly designed “Dutch Darrin” DKW car that would ultimately be sold by Flintridge Motors of Los Angeles, California.  Each occurred early in ’57 and the plans … Continue reading

The Ads of Sports Car Engineering – Phil Fleming Comes Through With A Vintage Find!

Hi Gang… At Forgotten Fiberglass, we collect every bit of fiber-scrap of information.   The latest piece of today’s puzzle was sent in by resident fiber-expert Phil Fleming and was a seemingly innocuous ad from Sports Car Engineering  – or so … Continue reading

Veritas Spohn Custom Car Photos Found: Feature Car of the 1957 Indianapolis Custom Car Show

Hi Gang… The fantastic – and sometimes overdone – customs built by Spohn in the postwar years have captivated my attention for many a moon.  And I pine and wish that maybe…just maybe…someday I will find a neglected or forgotten … Continue reading