Chaos Rules Rodney, The Glasspar Guru: Call Me “Kaoss” – The Latest G2 Found

Hi Gang… Rodney Packwood, Glasspar G2 historian and fiberglass finder extraordinaire, found another Glasspar G2 to add to the ranks of survivors.  The story of this car is great fun, and let’s have Rodney share it – as he saw … Continue reading

The Carl Macauley Glasspar G2 – “Lost” Cover Car Of Road & Track, January 1953

Hi Gang… Who were the “rock stars” of the automotive world in the early 1950’s? Fiberglass sports cars, of course, and they appeared on cover after cover of major American car magazines.  Rick D’Louhy and I are still “counting covers” and we’re approaching … Continue reading

The Bill Disbrow Glasspar G2 Special (Mechanix Illustrated, October 1953)

Hi Gang… This is the beginning of a series of articles on the “Bill Disbrow Glasspar G2 Special.”  I just didn’t know I’d be writing a series of articles about Major Disbrow and his car until I started doing the … Continue reading

The Jean Poirier Glasspar G2 – A Most Excellent Glasspar Special and a Wonderful Story to Boot!

Hi Gang… As you know, I’ve been collecting more stories from each person who either has a vintage fiberglass car or built one back in the day.  Recently, I asked my good friend, Jean Poirier, about writing up a story … Continue reading

The Van Etta Motors Special – Meagan and Julian Watkins Glasspar G2

Hi Gang… Lots of great stories to share with you “Glassheads” out there.  This one comes in from fiberglass friend and Glasspar Co-Historian Rodney Packwood.  Rodney has been working with Meagan Watkins of Washington State (the far Northwest from myself in … Continue reading

Member’s Showcase: John Knebel’s Glasspar G2

Hi Gang… How many people could possibly help me with researching these vintage cars????  It’s way too long ago, and I’d be lucky to find anyone who could help with the details.  That’s how I felt about moving forward in … Continue reading