Ed Almquist, Motorhead, Inventor And Pioneer: By Donna Kessler, Times Herald-Record Newspaper

Hi Gang… What a great group of folks we have here at Forgotten Fiberglass.  I’m lucky to hear from many of you via comments on the stories and replies via e-mail.  Keep ‘em coming gang! Today’s story is a result … Continue reading

Hot Rods and Fiberglass Cars: Daniel Strohl and Hemmings Motor News, July 2011

Hi Gang… Ok…the thumbnail picture of Hemmings Motor News Magazine with a 1954 Venus on it hasn’t happened yet. But we’re getting closer 🙂 Rick D’Louhy and I have taken our message of fiberglass sports cars to all parts of … Continue reading

1950’s Controversy: Hot Rods vs Sports Cars – Part 2

Hi Gang.. Back in May, I introduced the controversy that raged across the United States in 1950’s and beyond.  This focused on defining Hot Rods and Sports Cars, and determining their similarities and differences.  Here’s a link to that initial story: … Continue reading

Who Can Guess the Name of This Car??? It’s None Other Than the Harry Whipp Victress S1A Sports Special

Hi Gang… A fair number of Sports Specials have been surfacing in the past few years in need of restoration or completion.  We’ve had great fortune that these cars survived in any way, shape, or form, so we welcome each and every one – … Continue reading