Create Your Own Custom Body – Vince Gardner Shows Us How To Design and Build Your Own Sport Car in 1952

Hi Gang… Small books were published throughout the 1950s by various automotive magazine publishers.  The largest producer of these books was Petersen Publishing – the organization that brought us Motor Trend, Hot Rod, and other such luminary magazines.  But Fawcett … Continue reading

Car Craft’s Building a Sorrell Fiberglass Sports Car – Part 2: The Fiberglass Female Mold

Note:  This is the second in a series of articles that appeared in Car Craft Magazine about the process of designing and building your own fiberglass bodied sports car. Car Craft published one of the most detailed series of articles ever to appear on … Continue reading

Super Plastic Sports Car Unveiled – CRV-4 Worldwide Tour Press Release

Hi Gang… Another press release photo uncovered most likely circa 1965 – we’ll let Nick Whitlow, our resident CRV historian and expert, chip in and share his thoughts on the date in the comments area below. Based on the wording … Continue reading

The Argentina Built Porsche Powered Fiberglass Bodied 1954 Justicialista Sports Car

Hi Gang… Great news!  Reports from my good friend Randy Baron who recently visited Argentina confirms that the Justicialista Sports Car exists.  How cool!  It certainly has a great history and it’s neat to learn about one of the first … Continue reading

“Meteor” Storm From The Northwest – The Eave Chevy Special: Sports Cars Illustrated, November 1957

Hi Gang… One of the most famous Meteor SR1 sports cars ever completed was built in Oregon by Larry Eave, Chuck Rich, and Orville Withey in the mid 1950s.  This Meteor was built for speed and raced too.  In fact, … Continue reading

Spyders, Hurricanes, and Tornados – Oh My! The 1958 Sports Car Engineering Catalog Revealed

Hi Gang… Ok….I’m getting jealous of Alden Jewell’s collection so let me feature something from my own fiber files.  Today’s feature is the long-lost, coveted almost as good as what Alden has item – the 1958 Sports Car Engineering catalog … Continue reading

Jerry Gardner’s 1952 Voodoo Dream: The Mightiest Postwar Special Ever Built – Part 2

—————- Note:  This is the second in a series of articles on Jerry Gardner’s Voodoo Dream.  Click here to review all articles in this series. —————- Hi Gang… In the first part of this story, I introduced you to Jerry Gardner, … Continue reading

Supercharged Kurtis Nash 500M: Bob Christie’s Carrera Panamerica Sports Car

Hi Gang… What a great story and fantastic fiber car of yesteryear – and it survives today as a beautifully restored sports car. Gordon White wrote of this car in his 2001 book, Kurtis-Kraft: Masterworks of Speed and Style, and … Continue reading

Fibersport! A Bloomington Illinois Fiberglass Special by John Mays and John Burmaster

Hi Gang… Buy it, build it, or something in between. That’s what John Mays and John Burmaster of Bloomington Illinois offered when interest in their custom designed sports car – “The Fibersport” – heated up and others wanted to drive … Continue reading

The Salem GMC Kurtis Byers SR100: John Furlow’s Restored Beauty (Sportscar Specials, Trend Book 178, 1958)

Hi Gang… The clamor to share more of the history of John Furlow’s “Salem GMC Kurtis Byers” has been heard.  Today’s article is from the ’58 book by Motor Trend called “Sportscar Specials” – authored by Bob Rolofson. Let’s see … Continue reading

In ’58 It’s Great! Ten Fiberglass Cars Reviewed: 1958 Sports Car Illustrated Directory

Hi Gang… Sports Car Illustrated started out with their first issue in July of ’55 and met with great success.  One year later they released a special edition (one issue only) titled “International Auto Salon.”  While I’m still researching if … Continue reading

The “Berkeley” From “Berkeley” Is Not A UK “Berkeley” – It’s VW Based And USA All The Way!

Hi Gang… I’ve had too much coffee this morning – but the title is right on target. Most people think of a fiberglass sports car called a “Berkeley” as a stylish car from over the Pond in the UK.  Well … Continue reading

Building Your Own Sports Car: The Manning Special Part 1 – Road & Track, September 1951

———– Note: This is the first part of a 2-part story on the initial article written by Chuck Manning on how to build your own sports car.  Click here to review both parts of this story. ———– Hi Gang… Allow me … Continue reading

America’s Boulevard Sports Cars: Jim Potter’s Thoughts – Motor Life, July 1956

Hi Gang… This is one of my favorite titles for the larger and more powerful sports cars – most of which were fiberglass by ’56 – built in America.  Jim Potter, the author of this article, had been covering the … Continue reading

The Glassmakers 1960: Part 5: Almquist Engineering – (Sportscar Graphic: May-June 1960)

————– Note:  This is the fifth and final article in a series of articles here at Forgotten Fiberglass that showcase a story called “The Glassmakers 1960” published in Sportscar Graphic in May-June 1960.  In this 1960 article, Almquist, Devin, Kellison, LaDawri, and Victress were … Continue reading