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Magazine  Covers  (Magazine  Cover  Cars)  Showcasing  Vintage  Fiberglass  Sports Cars

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The  Greatest  American  Car  Story  Never  Told

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Fiberglass  Farms,  The  Glass  Menagerie,  and  The Glass House

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 The  Influence  of  Individual  Builders  on  Detroit:

The  “Big  Bang”  of  Fiberglass:  Part  1 – The  Walt  Woron  Editorial  (Motor  Trend,  November  1951)

The  “Big  Bang”  of  Fiberglass:  Part  2 – Sports  Car Bombshell  in  Detroit  (Motor  Trend,  November  1951)

“Must Reads” – Fiberglass  Essential  Reading:

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Individual  Accomplishment:

Jerry  Gardner’s  1952  Voodoo  Dream:  The  Mightiest  Postwar  Special  Ever  Built – Part  1

M.A.  Adams’  Meteor  SR1 – An  Astronomical  Achievement

Lost  Car:  The  Jules  Heumann  Singer  Special…3000  Hours  of  Excellence

Realizing  Your  Dream – The  Dick  Williams  Sports  Special

The  Dick  Foster  Victress  S1A  Special – An  Original  Owner  and  Car  Reunited:  Part  1

It’s  a  Bird!  It’s  a  Plane!  It’s  The  Legendary  1954  Elwood  Cauffman  Bangert  Manta  Ray – Part  1

The  Pat  Amendolia  Special:  A  Hot  Rod  In  Sports  Car  Clothing  From  1953

The  1955  Burch  Roark  Special – The  Car  That  Nearly Was – And  What  A  Car  It  Would  Have  Been!

Allow  Me  To  Introduce  You  To….. Hal  Brown  and  His  Allied  Swallow  Sports  Coupe

Want  To  Build  A  Sports  Car?  Robert  Jackson  Does:  Part  1  (Hop-Up  April  1953)

Fiberglass  Company  Accomplishment:

Victress!  The  World’s  Fastest  Sports  Car:  Motor  Life,  August  1955

Important  Publications:

The  Manning  Competition  Car:  Lost  Chuck  Manning  Publication  From  The  50’s  Surfaces!

How  to  Build  a  Fiberglass  Sports  Car  Body – The  First  Fiberglass  Book  Debuts

Design  Heritage:

Design  Heritage  For  ’50s  Fiberglass  Sports  Cars

Adventures  In  Fiberglass:

Jerry  Gardner’s  1952  Voodoo  Dream:  The  Mightiest  Postwar  Special  Ever  Built – Part  2

The  Holiday  Forgotten  Fiberglass  Adventure  For  2011…


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