The Glass Menagerie


Craig Johnson – the FiberMaster – at the doors of The Glass Menegerie

In late 2013 we moved from a dedicated storage facility to a dual-purpose storage/workshop that we call The Glass Menagerie.  As with Fiberglass Farmsnot all things that end up in our workshop are strictly ‘glass.  We have steel and aluminum handcrafted cars that spend time there too.  


From Left to Right is the 1954 Ralph Bush Singer Race Car, 1956 Dick Foster Victress Special, 1952 Voodoo Gardner, and far away the 1955 Larry Jones Meteor SR-1 the only factory built Meteor Found To Date

While Rick D’Louhy and I may visit a few times a month, the guy in charge here is good friend Craig Johnson.   Craig is the man who back in 2012-2013 took our 1962 Shark Roadster in this condition (work already underway): 

1 2And turned it into this:


The Glass Menagerie serves a dual purpose as both a workshop and storage facility.  Just one to two cars are under restoration at any time with Craig’s watchful eye monitoring the process at each step along the way.  Some months there is little activity but other months we move cars in and out – depending on our needs and the progress of each restoration.


Just outside our workshop is a great stand of trees – a bit cooler in the summer for folks if they stop by for a visit

When we have to move things around, we get to play “musical cars” and this can be challenging and some fun too – especially in the Florida summer!

Panorama 2

On this day, the 1952 Voodoo Gardner was being delivered into safe storage at the Glass Menagerie

And dropping off cars requires some planning and organization – here we are dropping off the 1952 Piranha Speedster – a project that we will begin in the near future:


From Left To Right is our 1953 Victress S1A in Restoration and the Piranha Speedster Patiently Awaiting it’s Turn to be Unloaded and Safely Stored Away



The Piranha Speedster Begins the Unloading Process



The Piranha Speedster Begins the Unloading Process

Our workshop has parts that we can use on cars undergoing restoration as well as many parts that come with the cars in “as found” condition too.  Some of these parts are “mystery leftovers” from restorations in the past.  Feel free to stop by at any time and help us identify what we have on the shelves – there could be some “good stuff” there gang!


From Left To Right You Can See the 1954 Chicagoan Concept Car and the 1978 Aerocon Boa – Another Rare Car Indeed!



If Only I could tell you the full story on the small 1930’s aluminum teardrop car body at the back of our workshop – neatly protecting our 1946 Motorette “Truckette” – One of Three Known to Exist



High Ceilings Accommodate Volumes of Storage – Which Appears Fine…For Now

Squeezing cars into place can be a challenge:


Unseen at the Furthest Left is the Ralph Bush Singer Racing Car and the 1952 Voodoo Gardner. I can’t wait until we start to bring in “4 post lifts” so we can get some cars up in the air. More Storage is Good!



Piranha Speedster Backs Into Its New Home



The Dick Foster Victress in Restoration While The Piranha Speedster and The Chicagoan Concept Car Patiently Await Their Turn For Restoration Under Craig Johnson’s Care

And cars are under restoration at The Glass Menagerie too – as with the Dick Foster Victress S1A Special below: 


Craig Johnson – FiberMaster of The Glass Menagerie



At Left Is Fred Bodley’s Motor Trend Victress; The Dick Foster Victress Special is at the Right



At Left Is Fred Bodley’s Motor Trend Victress; The Dick Foster Victress Special is at the Right

 So if you come to Florida and plan to visit us in Tampa, you may want to stop by and have yourself “a visit”- fiberglass style.  Check out the links below for more information.  And if you drop by, be sure to say “hi” to Craig Johnson too.


FiberMaster Craig Johnson with his latest project – The Piranha Speedster

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