Vintage Magazine Cover Cars


“So,” you ask….”what was the first fiberglass sports car special featured on a magazine cover?”

Good question!

Fiberglass sports car specials shined back in the 1950s – they were often the “rock stars” of their day appearing on magazine cover after cover.  We’ve found about 100 of these appearances so far and have been accumulating them on Forgotten Fiberglass for you to review.

Some of you may remember we had these before on our website – and that’s true.  What’s different now is that each of these have been re-scanned at a higher resolution so you can appreciate what you see more fully.  

So….the answer to your question is now here gang – scroll down to review magazine cover appearances.  The oldest magazine covers are shown at the top of the page (starting with 1952) and the newest magazine covers are shown at the bottom (ending now with 1962).

We will continue updating this page until all magazine cover appearances are posted.  If you want to view this page in the future, it can be found in the menu bar at the top of the page titled “HISTORY.”

We hope you enjoy this new feature and as always gang…

Glass on…

Geoff Hacker
Forgotten Fiberglass

Magazine Covers Are Shown From The Oldest At The Top Of The Page To The Newest At The Bottom

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