Undiscovered  Classics  Services

Undiscovered  Classics  Services

At Undiscovered Classics, we offer many fee-based services.  These range from restoration services both small and large, research documentation on the history of a specific car, appraisal and valuation services and event creation and/or car participation for large-scale public events. 

You can explore each of these services we offer below.

Seminar / Speaking  Services

Our focus and expertise is on the history of handcrafted sports cars in early postwar America – a topic few have covered in detail before.

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Car  Purchasing  Services

Finding the right car for you.  We can find what you’re looking for – handcrafted American sports cars are our specialty

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Research  and  Documentation  Services

Research is what we do best – tracking down lost history and breathing the “soul” back into the history of the car.

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Restoration  Services
The Undiscovered  Classics  Team  And  Our  Affiliates

Your Classic Car or “Special” – Is “Special” To Us Too

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Restoration  Guide  For  American  Specials
So you’ve got a “Special” and want to restore it?  At Undiscovered Classics, we think it’s “Special” too.  Here are some guidelines to help you through the process – and we can help you too if you wish.

American  Specials  Buyer’s  Guide:
History,  Trends,  Valuation  &  Appraisal  Services

What  Did  You  Find?  What  Did  You  Restore?  What  Might  It  Be  Worth?
Begin  To  Answer  Your  Questions  Here

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Car  Sales  Services

How  We  Can  Help  Sell  Your  Car 

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Car  Building  Services

Create a Vintage Sports Car Tailored To Your Tastes With One of our Teams 

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Car  Display  and  Showcase  Services

Learn  How  To  Include  Our  Cars  In  Your  Exhibition  Or  Display

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Reaction  and  Reputation

We are honored to  receive recognition from those we work with as well as our Undiscovered Classics base.  Check out some of what they shared about us in the link below.

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Where  To  Go  From  Here

If you are interested in any of the services above, contact us today for more information.

We’re happy to help.

Geoffrey Hacker
Undiscovered Classics
E-mail: Undiscovered.Classics@Gmail.com
Phone: (813) 888-8882

Check  Out  The  Autoweek  Excerpt  Below  And  Consider  Buying
One  Of  Our  “Undiscovered  Classics”  Cars  Today

Autoweek  Magazine
Thoughts  on  “Undiscovered  Classics”  at  Major  Concours

Instead of bidding on (or buying) cars that come with a concours invitations attached, Geoff Hacker and his team are finding intriguing, long-forgotten (and relatively affordable) cars and building cases for their historical significance. Time and again, their enthusiasm has opened doors to some of the country’s top concours.

If the concours scene is going to survive in the coming years, it’s going to have to embrace the “Undiscovered Classics” and emerging trends. So go forth and seek the cars you find intriguing, whether or not they’re worth boatloads of money, and you too may find yourself cruising onto the concours green.

If you do end up with something special, Hacker’s model is one that you’d do well to emulate. Unlike the typical, secretive owners, they’re nothing but transparent about what they do, which lets guys like me share every step of the previously mysterious process with all of you.

Their objective is to make the whole process engaging and informative and maybe even fun — not something you usually say about a stranger’s car restoration.  They would have succeeded even if they hadn’t let me hop behind the wheel the morning of the concours. Not that I was about to stop them.

Excerpt Above is From the Article:
“Thrill of a Lifetime: Driving The Leo Lyons Mercury Onto the Lawn at Pebble Beach
By  Graham  Kozak:  September  2,  2015

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