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Undiscovered Classics focuses on the history behind and the celebration of American handcrafted sports cars from the postwar era.  Largely untold, this story and these cars were central to the theme of postwar sports car development and appreciation, influencing design and expectations for Detroit and America in a significant way. 

1957 Byers SR100 – Owner Guy Dirkin

What We Do – And How You Can Help

We don’t just write about history. Instead, we go out and find the history whether it be in magazines, archives, the cars themselves and the people that designed and built them. 

Cars with names such as Glasspar, Wildfire, Allied, Tiburon, Byers, Meteor, Kurtis, LaDawri, Grantham Stardust, Devin, Victress and so many more.  And what we find gets shared with folks – real time – on the web, in magazines, on TV, in podcasts and on our Facebook page (and other social media outlets too). 

Undiscovered Classics is not the mission of just one person.  It’s an opportunity to participate with research itself and the restoration and celebration of these lost cars. It’s not a passive enterprise – it’s an active one where you can make a difference.

Glasspar G2 – Owner Jerry Wood

And it’s far more than an individual effort – it’s a community and family of those automobile enthusiasts who want to participate and have fun in a completely different way – one where you can have an impact on the history and appreciation of these cars in the automotive community at large. 

Check out our website and engage yourself learning about these special cars. Then take time to visit the cars for sale in our store. You may find an exciting project that you can make your own, and we stand ready to help you take your new acquisition from dream to reality.

Have fun and welcome aboard. 

Geoffrey R. Hacker, Ph.D.
Undiscovered Classics / Forgotten Fiberglass

1953 Allied Swallow – Owner Darren Crispin

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