Geoffrey Hacker

Geoffrey  Hacker, Ph.D.
Founder of Undiscovered Classics / Forgotten Fiberglass

Geoff Hacker With His 1961 Porsche Tiburon Coupe


Personality  Profile:  Geoff  Hacker
Hemmings Classic Cars: August, 2016

Fiberglass Forever
Tampa Bay Times Business: September 6, 2015

Book:  Fifty  Shades  of  Rust
Introduction by Tom Cotter and Geoffrey Hacker
Ten Stories of Handcrafted Cars
Published:  2014

Book: Corvette In The Barn
Story 1: The Snipe Hunter (Geoff Hacker)
Tom Cotter: Published 2010

Captain Curiosity (Geoff Hacker)
Classic & Sports Car: August, 2008

My First Fiberglass Car: The 1962 Tiburon “Shark” Roadster
Undiscovered Classics: June 15, 2011

Finding The Lost Covington Tiburon Prototype
Undiscovered Classics: September 28, 2019

TV and Video

Barn Find Hunter, Tom Cotter:  Hagerty
Viewing Time: 13 Minutes
Fiberglass Farms: November, 2018

Barn Find Hunter, Tom Cotter: Hagerty
Viewing Time: 10 Minutes
1959 Cheetah “Moon” Transporter; 1949 Packard Monte Carlo:
November, 2018

Discovery Channel: Sticker Shock
Viewing Time: 5 Minutes

1949 Sunflower State Speedster: June, 2018

Forgotten  Fiberglass
Ray  Evernham’s  AmeriCarna
Viewing Time: 30 Minutes
Velocity Channel: June, 2015

1962 El Tiburon Shark Roadster –
Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance 2013
Viewing Time: 3 Minutes
Autoweek TV:  April 3, 2013

1962 Tiburon “Shark” Roadster
Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance 2013
Viewing Time: 4 Minutes
Jay Leno’s Garage: April, 2013

1947 Kurtis Omohundro Comet
Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance 2012
Viewing Time: 4 Minutes
Jay Leno’s Garage: Sepember, 2012

1962 Shark Roadster at Tampa Bay Automobile Museum
Viewing Time: 3 Minutes
Channel 10: August 18, 2006


Interview  With  John  Vivanti  &  Derek  Moore
Listening Time:  60 Minutes
No Driving Gloves: April 4, 2019

  Interview  With  Jeff  Shade
Listening Time: 15 Minutes
Classic Car Garage Radio:  January 4, 2015

Interview  With  Mark  Greene
Listening Time: 45 Minutes
Cars Yeah!  March 12, 2014

Interview  With  Todd  Ruel
Listening Time: 21 Minutes
Gone Autos: September 10, 2011


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