Geoffrey Hacker

Geoffrey  Hacker,  Ph.D.
Founder  of  Undiscovered  Classics / Forgotten  Fiberglass

Geoff Hacker With His 1961 Porsche Tiburon Coupe


Geoff Hacker has pursued rare and unusual cars since his teen years when he discovered an exotic, fiberglass-bodied, two-seater concept car in Clearwater, Florida – a car that he still owns today.  He’s pursued this interest for more than 40 years, and has built a team at his company Undiscovered Classics that researches the history of handcrafted American sports cars. 

The cars they find, the restorations they complete and the work that they do has been seen on Jay Leno’s Garage, Ray Evernham’s AmeriCarna on the Velocity channel, Discovery Channel, Hagerty TV’s “Barn Find Hunter” and more.  Their research and writings have been shared in Hemmings Motor News, Old Cars Weekly, Autoweek, Classic & Sports Car (UK) and more.  You can follow Geoff and his team’s work on their website


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Secrets of the Barn Find Hunter:
The Art of Finding Lost Collector Cars
By Tom Cotter with Introduction by McKeel Hagerty

Three Stories by Undiscovered Classics
1948 Kurtis-Omohundro Comet, 1955 Allied Cisitalia, 1959 Bearcage
Book:  Published, April 2022
Coming Soon

Autos  Obscura – Company / Personality Profile 6
Classic  Motorsports:  January,  2022
Author:  John  Webber

Geoff  Hacker – Company / Personality Profile 5
Hemmings Classic Cars: August, 2016
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Fiberglass Forever – Company / Personality Profile 4
Tampa Bay Times Business: September 6, 2015
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Book:  Fifty  Shades  of  Rust
Introduction by Tom Cotter and Geoffrey Hacker
Ten Stories of Handcrafted Cars
Published:  2014

Plastic  Fantastic – Company / Personality  Profile  3
Hot  Rod  Deluxe:  May,  2013

Book: Corvette In The Barn – Company / Personality Profile 2
Story 1: The Snipe Hunter (Geoff Hacker)
Tom Cotter Book: Published 2010
Author:  Harold  Pace

Captain Curiosity (Geoff Hacker) – Company / Personality Profile 1
Classic & Sports Car: August, 2008
Author:  Harold  Pace

My First Fiberglass Car: The 1962 Tiburon “Shark” Roadster
Undiscovered Classics: June 15, 2011

Finding The Lost Covington Tiburon Prototype
Undiscovered Classics: September 28, 2019

TV  and  Video

Pennzoil Autofair at Charlotte Motor Speedway
Celebration of America’s Independent Automotive Designers
1962 Shark Roadster and 1954 Frazer Custom

Viewing Time: 2 Minutes
Wilson’s World
WCCB Charlotte: October 17, 2019

Barn Find Hunter, Tom Cotter:  Hagerty
Viewing Time: 13 Minutes
Fiberglass Farms: November, 2018

Barn Find Hunter, Tom Cotter: Hagerty
Viewing Time: 10 Minutes
1959 Cheetah “Moon” Transporter; 1949 Packard Monte Carlo:
November, 2018

Discovery Channel: Sticker Shock
Viewing Time: 5 Minutes

1949 Sunflower State Speedster: June, 2018

Forgotten  Fiberglass
Ray  Evernham’s  AmeriCarna
Viewing Time: 30 Minutes
Velocity Channel: June, 2015

1962 El Tiburon Shark Roadster –
Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance 2013
Viewing Time: 3 Minutes

Autoweek TV:  April 3, 2013

1962 Tiburon “Shark” Roadster
Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance 2013
Viewing Time: 4 Minutes
Jay Leno’s Garage: April, 2013

1947 Kurtis Omohundro Comet
Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance 2012
Viewing Time: 4 Minutes

Jay Leno’s Garage: Sepember, 2012

1962 Shark Roadster at Tampa Bay Automobile Museum
Viewing Time: 3 Minutes

Channel 10: August 18, 2006


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Undiscovered  Classics  &  Forgotten  Fiberglass
Review  The  History  Of  Our  Website  And  Organization

Our Story – A Historical Perspective
Automotive “Firsts” & More

Undiscovered  Classics  Media  Archive:  2006 to Present
From our start in 2006, Undiscovered Classics has appeared in Media Across the World

Welcome  To  Undiscovered  Classics
Celebrating Postwar Handcrafted Automobiles

Research  and  Documentation  Skills

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Some  of  our  Best  Stories  and  Research

The  Dan  Post  Archives: The  History  of  Custom  Car  Literature – 1947  to  1954
When  Did  It  Start,  What  Did  They  Publish,  and  Why  It  Was  Researched
Undiscovered  Classics:  November 18, 2019

1950  Leo  Lyons  Custom  Mercury  Restoration – Ten+  Autoweek  Articles:
Lead  Up  To  The  Pebble  Beach  Concours  d’Elegance

Graham Kozak – Autoweek Magazine
November 13, 2014 to September 2, 2015

You  Asked  For  It  (1955)
Episode  on  Woodill  Wildfire
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1946  Bill  Burke  Belly  Tank  Streamliner
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1949 Sunflower State “Daniels” Speedster
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Vintage  Automobile  Magazine  Index  (VAMI)
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Johnny  Dark  Movie  Archives
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1959  Bearcage – The World’s First Cheetah
Coming  Soon

1959  Cheetah  “Moon”  Transporter
Coming  Soon

1959  Strother  MacMinn  LeMans  Coupe
Coming  Soon

1937  Gougeon  Streamliner
Coming  Soon

1937  Custom  Cord  Phaeton
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1949  Packard  Monte  Carlo
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Rick  D’Louhy
Fellow  Forgotten Fiberglass  Racontour

Paul  Terhorst
It  All  Started  Here  In  Buffalo  Grove,  Illinois

Morrie  Hacker
Grandfather  and  More

Geoff Working on Paul Terhorst’s 1957 Corvette in 1977