Undiscovered Classics Portfolio

Undiscovered  Classics  “Portfolio”

Our “Portfolio” is a Chronicle of What We do Best…

We find, research, restore, show and sell
America’s lost automotive treasures

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1959 LeMans Coupe: Designers: Strother Macminn & John Bond

Start  Here
Welcome  To  Undiscovered  Classics

Celebrating Postwar Handcrafted Automobiles

Undiscovered  Classics – A  New  Direction
Where We’ve Been And Where We’re Going

Vision  Statement
Preserving the History and Integrity of Handcrafted Automobiles

“The  Emergence  of  the  American  Postwar  Sports  Car”
Our Best Thoughts – A Collaborative Effort

Concours  d’Elegance  Appearances
10+ Years & Counting

Fabulous  Fiberglass  Fotos
Rare and Beautiful Sports Car Specials For All To See

Restoration  Partnerships
Growing Each Year – Some Great People & Really Interesting Cars

Restorations:  Current
There’s Never a Dull Moment Here at Undiscovered Classics

Restorations:  Future
Lots of Possibilities to Keep Us Busy

Anticipated  Car  Builds
Two in Particular Have Taken Our Attention

Undiscovered  Classics  in  Print
From 2007 to Present, Undiscovered Classics has been in Print Across the World

Leo  Lyons  Restoration & Pebble  Beach – Autoweek
The Challenge Was Great But Our Team Delivered

New  Acquisitions
Here’s What Keeps Us Busy Down Here in Tampa, Florida

TV / Web / Podcast  Appearances
From 2006 to Present, Undiscovered Classics Has Been on TV, Web, Podcasts and More

Museum  Appearances
Our Cars Have Been on Display At Some of the Best Venues in the World

Online / Published  Books
We’re Off & Running With Two Books & More Planned

Learn  More  About  Cars  With  Music  Videos
Pebble Beach Released Our First Music Video in 2015

Model  Car  Expansion
If You Like Our Cars Full Size, You’ll Like Them More Even Smaller

Fiberglass  Farms – Treasure  Map
Read The Story of…
“The Legend of “Fiberglass Matt” and the Lost Treasure of Fiberglass Farms

What  People  Are  Saying
We’re Honored To Have Folks From Many Areas Support Undiscovered Classics

Fire  Breathing  Kaiser  Dragons
We May be Building One New Dragon (see “Anticipated Builds above),
But The Story of These Special Cars Is So Much More

Business  Cards – Collect ’em  All
From the Beginning, We’ve Created A Set of Trading Cards to Enjoy

Dan  Palatnik  and  the  Art  of  Lost  Cars
Dan Palatnik Has Led The Effort of 3D Renderings For all Handcrafted Specials

A  Collection  of  Artwork  &  Caricatures  by  Jimmy  Smith
Jimmy Smith Has Helped Us Create Caricatures of Many of our Famous Cars

Art Cards:  Communicating  the  Message
Sharing the History of Lost Cars Can Be Fun & Creative Too

Concours  d’Elegance  Classes  Created
We’ve Helped Created Memorable Concours Classes Across the Land

Museum  and  Art  Exhibitions
 The Petersen, AACA and Most Recently Something Special in Norwalk, Connecticut

Writing  Partners
Hemmings, Old Cars Weekly and RCN Magazine

Visitors  From  Across  The  World – And  Maybe  Beyond
You Can Visit Undiscovered Classics Across The World – And People Do

Vintage  Posters  For  Vintage  Car  Guys  &  Gals
Why Have Something New When You Can Have Something Old

Click Here And Learn More About The “Vintage Automotive Magazine Index”

Seminars,  Talks  and  Presentations
Petersen Museum, Boca Raton, Carlisle, Salisbury Concours, Palo Alto Concours, Milwaukee Masterpiece and More

 –  For  Sale  – 
Check Out What We Have For Sale – Perhaps Something For You?

Undiscovered  Classics  Affiliates
Who We Work With Matters

How  You  Can  Participate
Research, Write, Buy, Sell, Restore, Show & More ….all Things Are Possible

What  Will  We  Do  Next???
You Never Know…. But We Do Know…. It Will Be Fun 🙂

Here at Undiscovered Classics:
“We find, research, restore, show and sell America’s
lost automotive treasures…”


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