Questions To The Editor

Questions  To  The  Editor

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Geoff Hacker, Undiscovered Classics


Questions To The Editor — 6 Comments

  1. Geoff. Great story on Joe’s Fiber fab. The AMX he speaks of was my first fast car ride at age 14 when Joe’s brother Ed took me for a spin in 68 out on Long Island. Ed married my cousin Nancy. That ride put me onto many Hot Rods, Drag Racing Cruises etc. I’m now 66. Currently own a 65 Ford Failane sport coupl sbf 4 speed car. 84 Mudtang GT I bought new. 34k on her. Did some bracket racing with her
    Also an 09 Challenger SRT8. 16k on her. We share the same first name !!…Geoff

    • Geoff….glad you enjoyed the story and thanks for sharing your background. When I was growing up they called me “Geoff” with a “G”. We’re a small group with this name my friend 🙂 Thanks for sharing….Geoff

  2. My wife and I visited Mike Barker in May of 2004 to buy a gas tank for my 1951 Kaiser Golden Dragon. While there I snapped a picture of his 1954-55 Frazer Sport Custom. Do you want the image?

    • Hi Joe. Nice to meet you and thanks for the offer. I have the car now so….I’m ok 🙂 Thanks for thinking of me though. Best….Geoff

  3. Hi I have some partial ( front end ) fiberglass bodies for unknown car….what’s the best source I can use to ID these bodies? thanks Jim 563 543 4891

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