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We  Find,  Research,  Restore,  Show  and  Sell
America’s  Lost  Automotive  Treasures

Handcrafted cars of the early postwar years were rare back in the day and even more so now.  Today, these cars make great candidates for restoration because of their history, their beauty and the great fun you can have with them at an affordable price.  Undiscovered Classics has paved the way for the restoration of these cars and built a solid case to share them at shows, in museums, on the race track and on the fields of the most prestigious concours in the world.  These cars and their stories are getting more press with each passing year.

Cars with names such as Victress, Glasspar, Wildfire, Devin, Kellison, LaDawri, Byers, Meteor, Bangert, Allied, Sorrell and more are garnering increasing attention and are now being recognized, coveted and celebrated at all types of events.  And 2023 will be the best year yet.  Two of the most prominent concours in the world – Pebble Beach and the Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance – are each featuring a class of these unique automobiles.  These cars have come into their own, and now one of these rare cars can be yours.

No matter where you go, your car will be unique.  The rarity and significance of Undiscovered Classic cars gives you entry to almost every venue – and often at a fraction of the cost that it takes other cars to attend the same event.  Auction results and price guides consistently show these cars going up in value due to their rarity, beauty, prominence at events and increasing collectability.  So join us on your own adventure, buy an Undiscovered Classic car and chart your own path.  You’ll have a backstage pass waiting in your garage, and the only decision you’ll need to make is how you’ll want to use it.

Geoffrey R. Hacker, Ph.D.
Undiscovered Classics / Forgotten Fiberglass

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