Build  An  Undiscovered  Classics  Sports  Car

Build  An  Undiscovered  Classics  Sports  Car

Our first offering was a classic – the 1955 Byers SR-100 custom built to the owner’s taste.

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We now offer six different vintage sports cars that can be built through one of our Undiscovered Classics Affiliates.  Each car has been been unavailable for 60 or more years.  You can choose from the following cars: 

  • Byers SR-100 (100″ wheelbase)
  • Sorrell SR-100 (100″ wheelbase)
  • Allied Blackhawk Coupe (100″ wheelbase)
  • Bangert Manta Ray (100″ wheelbase)
  • CRV Piranha (88″-90″ wheelbase)
  • Tiburon Coupe (82.5″ wheelbase)

Each of these cars is shown below.  Contact us for additional detail to discuss what you want to build.  Then, we’ll put you in touch with one of our Affiliates.

Byer SR-100 Sports Car 

Allied  “Cisitalia”  Blackhawk  Coupe

Sorrell  SR-100  Sports  Car

Bangert  Manta  Ray  Sports  Car

CRV  Piranha  Sports  Car

Tiburon  Coupe  Sports  Car

Custom Chassis For Undiscovered Classic Sports Cars

A custom torsion bar chassis can be built for any of our Undiscovered Classics sports cars.  Read about how one of our Affiliates, JR’s Speed Shop, is doing this for our existing customers below.

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