Fiberglass and Aluminum Parts


As more people embrace forgotten fiberglass cars of the 1950’s, demand has increased for quality replacement parts that meet standards for restoration and concours level events.  We are pleased to offer the following reproduction parts for the cars below. 

Additional parts will be available in the near future as demand for these increases.  If you don’t see the part available below that you need (there is not a picture below, meaning it’s not yet available) please contact us and we can determine if we can reschedule the development of this part to meet your needs.

We will soon be offering aluminum castings of some of the key parts shown below.  This takes a bit more time and resources to complete, so stay in touch if you are interested.

Keep in mind that parts not in stock may take 6-8 weeks to create.  Each fiberglass part is hand laid fiberglass and created to the highest standards possible.  Parts are available only if a picture, cost, and other details are shown completed in the table below. 

For additional information or purchase, please contact Geoff Hacker at or call (813) 888-8882.

     Marque      Part Picture Cost Other Details
LaDawri Conquest and Daytona (100″ wheelbase) Hardtop                   $500 See additional pictures at bottom of this page
Trunk   $400 See additional pictures at bottom of this page
Hood $500 See additional pictures at bottom of this page
Driver Door  Coming Soon    
Passenger Door  Coming Soon    
Victress  Hardtop (S1A) Coming Soon    
 Trunk (S1A)  Coming Soon    
 Hood (S1A) $500 See additional pictures at bottom of this page
 Driver Door (S1A)  Coming Soon    
 Passenger Door (S1A)  Coming Soon    
Aluminum Hood and Trunk Hinges      
Aluminum Door hinge (both sides same)      
Windshield Posts (5 pieces)      
Glasspar Hardop Coming Soon    
 Hood  Coming Soon    
 Driver Door  Coming Soon    
 Passenger Door  Coming Soon    
 Aluminum Hood Hinge      
Aluminum Hood stiffeners – on hood and under body      
Aluminum Door Hinge      
Aluminum door jamb and sill plate      
Aluminum Grill  Coming Soon    
Aluminum Winshield Posts (5 piece)      
 Woodill Wildfire        
Grantham Stardust