Listen to the Greatest American Car Story NEVER Told



Hi Gang…

Recently I was honored to get a call from Todd Ruel who runs a great website called “Gone Autos.”   In the course of several conversations, Todd explained that he has been building a website dedicated to some of the more obscure car marques out there, and his mission was to help those who love these cars celebrate them – and introduce new folks to these same cars too.

I can’t think of a better match than the mission of both Gone Autos and Forgotten Fiberglass, and it should be no surprise that Todd and I hit it off on our shared mutual interest of cars that we appreciate in every way.

In promoting these cars and clubs, Todd has recently initiated a new series of interviews that can be heard via his website, and I’m honored that he was interested in our story and wanted to create a podcast or short interview about these cars for his audience.   We’re one of the first podcasts on Gone Autos and to this end I was honored by his enthusiasm for making this interview – and new feature for us – available to all auto enthusiasts across the world.

Introducing Gone Autos “Forgotten Fiberglass” Podcast:

Here’s how Todd introduces “Forgotten Fiberglass” to his followers:

” Wanna hear “the best American car story never told?”  Then listen to Geoff Hacker of Geoff and his friend Rick D’Louhy are on a mission to revive America’s fiberglass-bodied sports car heritage.  Through dogged research and countless interviews with the fiberglass pioneers, Geoff is determined that someday you’ll know as much about Victress, Glasspar, and LaDawri as you do about Corvette and Avanti.  It’s an epic story of America’s do-it-yourself fiberglass pioneers told by an amazing do-it-yourself historian. Do yourself a favor, and download this podcast now.”

Thanks to Todd for a very positive and supportive interview about our cars and research endeavor in every way.

So….rather than reading about the story of “fiberglass” and “building your sports car” on our website….why not settle in for a change today?  Let’s go “audio” and do a bit of listening this time by taking the following action.  Click on the small black triangle below to listen to the 20 minute interview about “Forgotten Fiberglass” with Todd Ruel of  Then, let us know what you think by making some comments about what you heard below.

Click here to listen to the Forgotten Fiberglass Podcast on

For those of you who would like to listen to a “video-enhanced” version of the broadcast and/or review a written transcript too, click on the following link:   Gone Autos Podcast Page


Thanks again to Todd Ruel of Gone Autos for his interest and enthusiasm in making our first podcast a reality.  Be sure to checkout his website and get to know what he has to offer.  He’s our kind of “car guy” and as I always say….”any friend of fiberglass is a friend of ours too.”  So watch out Todd….our group may be growing considerably larger because of you!


Hope you enjoyed the story, and until next time…

Glass on gang…