2025: Streamlined Race Cars

Streamlined  Race  Cars
Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance
March 6-9, 2025

Streamlined  Race  Cars

1955 Quin Epperly Fuel Injection Special:  This car was confirmed by Matt Orendec

1962 Redhead – The Hammon-McGrath-Appenfels Streamliner:  Owned by Bill Lattin.  Bill’s father Jim was a friend of mine.  E-mailed on 7/12/2024 and waiting for response

1966 Gyronaut X-1 by Earl Flanders, Bob Leppan, Jim Bruflodt and Alex Tremulis. Owner: Steve Tremulis.

Belly Tanks – Also known as Streamliners thru about 1949/1950. Bobby Green is helping me locate one or more that would be willing to come to Amelia. Most belly tanks are on the west coast. Just 1 or 2 tanks are east of the Mississippi.

There are several vintage streamliners in the NHRA museum in Pomona, California. I used to know Greg Sharp from there but he has since retired. Maybe Tony Thacker? I bet they may be able to help.

1957 Teverbaugh Bangert Manta Ray – Bonneville Streamliner. Owned by Petersen Museum and is available. But…it was just here in 2023 and won a class award in my class. Maybe Petersen has a different streamliner available?