2024: American Sport Customs

American Sports Customs
Chattanooga Motor Festival
October 11-13, 2024

Sport  Custom  Definition

Handbuilt American two-place sports cars built from the mid 1940s thru 1960.  Sport customs were usually constructed on a production car chassis with some modification.  The rarest of these cars were called “Customs” and were complete original design.  Others were known as “Restyled” using original factory sheet metal but highly modified.  Materials used for the body were aluminum, steel or in the 1950s fiberglass.  The one-page article (A Brief History of the Sport Custom) below by Ken Gross published in Motor Trend Classic in 2012 provides an excellent overview.

15 Potential Cars

1954 Woodill Wildfire – Richard Atwell

1950 Templeton Saturn: Bill Grant

1955 Victress C3 Coupe: Clarke Taylor


1952 Glasspar G2: Tom and Barb Chandler

1953 Maverick Sportster – Tom and Barb Chandler

1952 Lancer: Joel Driskill

1954 Allied Swallow “Multiplex” Coupe: Darren and Julie Crispin

1957 LaDawri Conquest: Jack Farr – talked to on 7/15/2024

Yes  Will  Attend

1958 Lloyd Custom Roadster: Derek Moore and Christine Bobco – sent application on…

1950 Jewell: Richard and Gina Brown

1949 Panache: Geoff Hacker

On  Hold

1953 Traveler: Eddie Zimmerman – on hold for now

1955 Victress C2 – Mike Leicester – on hold

Cannot  Attend

1955 Debonnaire: Paul Sable