2025: Streamlined Teardrops

Teardrops and Bubbletops
Pre and Postwar

Magazine Cover Cars

A Selection of Teardrop Magazine Cover Cars
From the 1930s-1950s

Reference Articles

1937 Arrowhead Teardrop Found?  The Trailer is Getting Warmer
Undiscovered Classics: July 31, 2020
By Geoff Hacker

Bubbletop Cars
Special Interest Autos: December, 1989
By Jim Hockenhull

1937 Airomobile
Special Interest Autos: Jan-Feb 1971
By Michael Lamm

Teardroppers Powered By Ford
Special Interest Autos: Nov-Dec 1970
By Robert Gottlieb

Another Tear Drop Car
Ford Dealer & Service Field: February 1937

Streamlined Bodies for Ford V-8 Speedsters
Ford Dealer & Service Field: June 1935

 * I have quite a few more teardrop materials available in books and articles – vintage and modern *

Teardrop  Cars

1974 Fascination by Paul Lewis

1933 Dymaxion

1937 Airomobile by Paul Lewis

1937 Arrowhead Teardrop Car

1932 Arrow Plane by Hill Brothers

1934 McQuay Norris by Hill Brothers

1928 Martin Aerodynamic

1946 Hewson Rocket

1938 Phantom Corsair

1929 Hungerford Rocket Car

1938 Spirit of Tomorrow

1937 Gougeon Streamliner

1949 Gordon Diamond

1954 Swedish Dream Car

1939 Bel Geddes Teardrop Number 9


Futureliner, Timbs Special, Rolls Aerodynamic Coupe – Petersen, Reo Truck and Camper