Salerno: Technical Specifications

Technical  Specifications
1959  Salvatore  Salerno  Devin
A  Time  Capsule  –  Preserved  in  Original  Condition

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Technical  Specifications

Body Design:

  • Body  Design  By  Bill  Devin
  • Modified and built by Salvatore  Salerno


  • 1952 Willys Hurricane F-head 6 Cylinder 161 cu. In. engine (2.6 liters; 90 horsepower)
  • Willys (Borg-Warner possibly a T7) 3-speed manual transmission with overdrive (cable and button operated at stick shift)
  • Triumph rear axle
  • Electric fuel pump
  • Single exhaust

Chassis, Suspension and Brakes:

  • Mid 1950s Triumph TR2 / TR3 chassis / suspension
  • Near 50/50 weight distribution when driver is seated in car making this car effectively a front mid-engine sports car
  • Custom wheels built with offset specific to Salvatore Salerno’s Devin
  • Triumph front and rear drum brakes
  • Wheelbase: 88 inches
  • Track: 45 inches


  • Leather straps holding trunk and front clip down
  • Inner front fender rubber straps holding front clip down to firewall (behind front wheels)
  • Custom made bumpers—front and rear
  • Front of car is “flip front” or “clam shell” which allows easy and quick access to drivetrain
  • The front bumpers hold the painted surface of the front of the body safely away from ground when hood is open

Hood  and  Trunk:

  • Hood & trunk prop hold panels up when needed
  • Trunk locks from inside cockpit with hidden trunk release (pull) knob behind driver’s seat
  • Truck also can be accessed via hinged panel behind seats that is key-locked—nice added security feature for contents in car


  • Grab bar for passenger
  • Door springs hold door open when extended
  • Radio in dash with speakers hidden
    in the kick panels
  • Full dashboard instrumentation with oil, amp, temperature, gas, rpm and speedometer gauges
  • Hi-beam floor switch
  • Horn button on dashboard
  • Ashtray in center of dashboard with
    cigarette lighter next to it
  • Hood scoop is dedicated for cockpit ventilation with knob on dashboard to open / close vent
  • Driver’s convex rear view mirror expands what can be seen behind the car when driving
  • Dual exterior mounted side mirrors—made by Talbot Company Mirrors of West Berlin
  • Original tonneau cover fitted to cockpit

Additional  Features:

  • Wire wheel hubcaps
  • Wipers with dashboard control knob
  • Parking lights / turn signal lights
  • Emergency brake—pulled straight up to lock
  • New custom-built aluminum fuel tank
  • 12 volt electrical system


  • This is the only car that Salvatore Salerno built