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Articles,  Press  Releases  and  Books
1966 Cannara
Built at the Beginning of the Wedge Car Movement

—   Strother MacMinn Was Ray Cannara’s Mentor at the ArtCenter  —



Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance Program
Not a Bad Angle by Ken Gross

August 18th, 2024
Coming Soon

Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance: Insider Magazine
Masters of the Wedge by Gautam Sen
Summer, 2024


A Re-Think on the Origins of Wedge Car Design
Dean’s Garage: April 16, 2022

Where Did The Wedge Design Trend Originate?  Most Likely With Ray Cannara
Hemmings Motor News: March 25, 2022

Found In Detroit:  The Earliest Wedge Car Design?
Hemmings Motor News: July 25, 2016

Showtime at the Amelia – Dan Scanlan and the 1966 Cannara I
Car Guy Chronicles: March 7th, 2022


Rob Curedale:  Discussion on LinkedIn About Cannara
LinkedIn:  December, 2021

ConceptCarz:  From  Concept  To  Production
1966  Cannara Special

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Undiscovered  Classics  Stories

Press  Releases

Groundbreaking Cannara Sports Car Makes Carolinas Debut at Charlotte Autofair
Press Release: March 30, 2022


Book:  The Origins of Wedge Car Design (Cannara)
(2024: Upcoming Draft of Book Under Development)
Authors: Guy Dirkin, Ph.D.; Geoffrey R. Hacker, Ph.D.
Published: 2021

Book:  Motor  City  Barnfinds
Detroit’s  Lost  Collector  Cars
1955 Victress C2 Coupe / 1966 Ray Cannara Concept Car
Author: Tom Cotter
Photography: Michael Alan Ross

Published: 2017