Halliday Special: History of Postwar Renault – USA

1957  Halliday  Renault  Special
History  of  Postwar  Renault – Emphasis  on  USA

On Tuesday 12th August 1947, the first production version of the Renault 4CV drove off the Ile Seguin.  It was to be the first Renault model, of which more than one million units left the factory.  In 1948, fifteen examples of the Renault 4CV rolled out of the factory on a daily basis.  That number had already risen to three hundred and seventy-five units in 1950.  Up to 1956, the 4CV was the best selling car in France.  The Dauphine later took over that role.  On July 6 1961, the model’s long career was over.

Source: https://www.losangemagazine.com/losange-magazine-issue-10-summer-2020/renault-4cv-1060-1948

Note and Question:  Luis Alarcos indicates there are “two” series of Renault 4CV’s – an early series and a later series.  Which series is our Halliday Special based on?  My earlier Devin Renault was based on a first series Renault 4CV according to Luis.