Halliday Special: Suspension Design

1957  Halliday  Renault  Special
Suspension  Design

Engine: The Halliday Special has a transverse mounted Renault 4CV engine which was 760 cc thru 1949.  In 1950 it was replaced with a 747 cc engine.

Transaxle: See Luis Alarcos below

Jonathan  Burnette

Swing Axle.  The engine has the bell housing cut off to mate up to the Goliath Transaxle. The cylinder head is more modern and is from a Renault Dauphine from 1957 or later.

Marvin  McFalls


Joel  Driskill

Swing Axle

Guy  Dirkin


Luis Alarcos

Originally a front-wheel drive transaxle for a 1957 Goliath GP 900 coupe, this was a manual 4-speed gearbox (nice for a sports car).  Since the gearbox has a vertical gearbox output and is on the left side of the car, most likely the gear level was installed on the left side of the car to make shifting more direct and easier.  The transmission was also advanced for a small car in its time as it was a 4 speed transmission which was fully synchronized.  An excellent match for a Renault 4CV engine.