LeMans  Coupe  Build / Restoration 1

LeMans  Coupe  Build / Restoration 1
Owner  Dennis  Kazmerowski

Dennis with his LeMans Coupe: June, 2022


In his early teenage years, Dennis purchased his first Road & Track magazine, and he did so because the car on the cover caught his eye and sparked his imagination – it was none other than the LeMans Coupe and the issue was published in August, 1960.  Throughout his life, even though his career took his outside of the his interest in racing, sports cars and automobiles, his enthusiasm didn’t and he bought, built, crashed, repaired, assembled raced and filled his open time with everything automotive related.

Sixty years later, Dennis interest in the LeMans Coupe was rekindled when he had a chance to purchase one of the few remaining unbuilt LeMans Coupes in existence.  This story and his greatest adventure is about finding, building and bringing to life Strother MacMinn’s dream – the legendary LeMans Coupe.  When finished, Dennis’ car will be the first LeMans Coupe built as intended that will be seen by the public since the early 1960s.


Recent  “Build”  Pictures
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As Found / Purchased  In  August,  2021
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As  First  Seen  at  Petersen  Museum  Show  in  June,  2010
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Technical  Aspects

Technical  Specifications  of  This  Car
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Articles  and  Information

Modern  Articles  About  Dennis  Kazmerowski’s  LeMans  Coupe
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Learn  More  About  Dennis  Kazmerowski
Builder,  Restorer,  Collector
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Note  From  Dennis  (June 12, 2022)

This build/restoration is only possible through the help of great friends and family that have supported my interest in this car from the very start.  These include but are not limited to:

Phil Delano
Mike and Jason Acerra
Bill and Steve Demerast
Holgar Ahl
Jim Krous
My wife Karen
and Geoff Hacker