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Dennis  Kazmerowski – Home
Builder,  Restorer,  Collector

Shown Here in 2022, Dennis Kazmerowski is next to a car he dreamed of building from his first Road & Track Magazine Purchase – a 1958 LeMans Coupe designed by Strother MacMinn


Dennis grew up in Maryland and attended the University of Richmond on football scholarship.  Always focused on athleticism, during his tenure at the University, he founded the Richmond LaCrosse Club which exists to this day. After graduation, he moved to New York City and ran a successful manufacturers representative (rep) organization for 45 years in the ski business.

In his early twenties, Dennis started racing in 1974 and a few years later in 1977 won the Mid-Atlantic race series.  He was awarded the Pohanka award by the region racing association and raced everything from FV, FF, GT1 Corvette, GTP, Camel Lights, WSC Series and more.  Other notable racing achievements include:

  • 1980  Was given TR7/ TR8  to race by JRT ( Jaguar Rover Triumph )
  • 1987-88 raced IMSA Camel Light
  • 1990 Part of a team that made a run but did not qualify for the 24 Hour Race at LeMans
  •  Moved on to GTP cars and some Shelby CAN-AM
  •  Ran tech for the TRANS-AM Series for 5 years

His racing days overlapped with cars he modified and/or built from scratch.  Starting in the late 1960s, his cars were featured in the following magazines:

  • Road & Track Magazine
  • Sportscar International (Cover Feature)
  • Corvette Quarterly
  • Keeping Track of Vettes
  • Porsche Panorama
  • VW/Porsche Magazine

Today Dennis is still having fun at 75 years old.  His activities include but are not limited to:

  • Racing vintage sports/race cars
  • Building and modifying cars (his latest project as of 2022 is a complete build-out of a vintage 1958 LeMans Coupe designed by Strother MacMinn)
  • Maintaining an automotive collection for a private collector that includes postwar thru modern cars

In all, he’s built, raced and/or modified over 30 cars – and Dennis often shares with friends and others that….”He’s just getting started!”

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