Dennis and Karen Kaz Cars

Dennis  and  Karen  Kazmerowski
Cars  Built  by  Dennis

Dennis and Karen Kazmerowski at the 2022 Eyes on Design in Detroit, Michigan with Their 1958 LeMans Coupe – design by Strother MacMinn

1961 Devin Porsche Raced at Monterey Historics in 2015 and 2016

1964 Ginetta G4 Raced at Laguna Seca 2018

1975 Bricklin Custom – Malcolm Bricklin Shared With Dennis That “If His Car Had Looked Like This, He Would Still Be In Business”

1987 Corvette GTP Built For The Street – Custom Frame and Porsche Gearbox.  Appeared on the Cover of Sportscar International, 1990

1965 Fiberfab Centurion Built on a Corvette C3 Chassis

1959  XKC  Special