Fred Roth

Fred  Roth  and  the  Roth  Collection
The  Roth  Collection  of  American  Sports  Cars  and  Specials

From Left To Right: Fred, Deanna and Chris Roth


American  Sports  Cars
Created By: Fred, Deanna and Chris Roth


TV: Forgotten Fiberglass
Fred Roth & Maverick at the 2012
Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance

Host: Ray Evernham
Viewing Time: 1 Minute
Velocity Channel: May, 2015

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50’s  American  Sports  Cars: The  Roth  Collection
Authors: Fred, Deanna and Chris Roth
Book: Published 2015


Chariots  of  the  50s
Fred  Roth  Collection

Author: Fred Roth / Photos: Evan Klein
Highway Earth Magazine: Issue 2, 2015

Motoring  Pursuits:  An  American  Journey
Fred  Roth  Collection

Author: Larry Crane
Westlake Malibu Lifestyle: March-April, 2015

Glass Act: Woodill Wildfire
Author: Ken Gross
Motor Trend Classic: Summer, 2014

Land  Bound  Pegasus:  1952  Maverick  Sportster
Author: Ken Gross
Motor Trend Classic: Fall, 2013

Woodill  Wildfire
Author: Michael Lamm
Expert: Fred Roth (Remember this is 1974….wow!)
Special Interest Autos: March-April, 1974

Thousand  Oaks  Car  Classic:  1989 to 2005

Fred Roth was the show chairman and host for the “ Car Classic”  with the help of the Milestone Car Society of Southern California, California Lutheran University, celebrities, and donors. Hats off to the dedication and passion that Fred, his wife Deanna, their son Chris, and daughter Lisa did in making this event a family tradition on Father’s day for the public to enjoy. 

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Thousand Oaks, California