2018 Event: Norwalk Maritime Aquarium Show

Show  Cars  From  The  Sea
Norwalk  Maritime  Aquarium,  Norwalk  Connecticut
Two Cars:
1956 Bangert “Manta Ray” and 1962 “Shark” Roadster

Saturday June 16, 2018

Appropriately, the Maritime Aquarium’s first-ever Auto Show featuring rare and exquisite cars all named for marine animals

Kyle Feller Daringly Takes the Wheel at the “Show Cars of the Sea” Show in Norwalk, Connecticut

From the Press….

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The  Aquarium,  Signage and  the  Entryway

The  Cars:  1962  Shark  Roadster

The  Cars:  1956  Bangert  Manta  Ray

Fun  With  Fans

Fun  With  Sharks

What’s Different In This Picture When Compared to the Photo Above???

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