2019 Event: Charlotte Autofair

Charlotte  Autofair
Celebration  of  America’s  Independent  Automotive  Designers
Two Feature Cars:
1962 Shark Roadster & 1954 Frazer Custom

Charlotte, North Carolina: October 17-19, 2019

We’re Proud That Our 1954 Frazer Custom Was The Feature Car For This Year’s 2019 Charlotte Autofair. Great Thanks To The Autofair Team Headed By Ed Fausel For Making This Happen.


Great  Fun  at  our  First  Charlotte  Autofair – October,  2019
Undiscovered Classics: November 6, 2019

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Official Charlotte Autofair Website

Press  Release  Announcement
Shark  Roadster  And  Frazer  Custom  Attending  Charlotte  Autofair
October 9, 2019

Charlotte  Autofair  Announcement  Via  Undiscovered  Classics  Website
October 9, 2019

1962  Shark  &  1954  Frazer  Custom
Viewing Time: 2 Minutes
Wilson’s World: WCCB Charlotte: October 17, 2019

1962 Shark Roadster

Welcome To “Shark Street” – A Surprise Sign That Awaited Us at the Charlotte Autofair

1954  Frazer  Custom

Fun  With  Fans

Take  Aways  For  The  Audience:
Information  About  The  Cars  on  Display

Rivalries  Begin

Fun  With  Flags