Phase 1: Assessment

Phase 1: Assessment

Before you start a project, you need to know what you’ve got.  This phase starts with a comprehensive inspection of the car – usually at the shop that you are considering using for the restoration and ends with a comprehensive estimate for the client to review.  Staying in touch via visits / e-mail is essential in all phases.


  • Ship car to shop
  • Intended purpose of finished car: Show car, rally car, sports car?  This will guide what you do.
  • Are you going to restore to period correct? Modernize?  Both?
  • If a historically important car, restore to original history? What version?  What year?
  • Clean body, interior, chassis – pressure wash if needed
  • Determine condition of fiberglass body – from top and bottom
  • Determine condition of chassis as best can be seen
  • Measure body for accuracy and determine needed repairs
  • Discuss any desired changes to body – addition of doors, trunk, changes to door, trunk, hood size.
  • Discuss windscreen – original style, needed components, custom windscreen
  • Discuss plans for cockpit restoration, door pockets
  • Discuss dashboard plans – gauges in dash or use of gauge panel with engine turning?
  • Discuss electrical system including options needed such as turn signals
  • Bumpers needed?
  • Safety equipment needed such as seat belts?
  • Steering wheel quick release or other?
  • Determine needed distance for driver leg length and reaching pedals
  • Height of driver at windshield top
  • Hinges for doors, hood and trunk adequate?

Phase 1 Outcome

Estimates provided to client in menu format in time, materials, labor so choices can be made on what does and does not get completed.

Additional  Information

Our Bangert Manta Ray appeared on Ray Evernham’s “AmeriCarna” TV show that ran on the Velocity Channel in 2015.  It appeared in unrestored condition.  Click on the video below to see its condition – viewing time is 1 minute, 30 seconds.

To view the entire 30 minute episode of Ray Evernham’s AmeriCarna on Velocity TV featuring “Forgotten Fiberglass,” click on the link below.

Forgotten Fiberglass
Ray Evernham’s AmeriCarna TV Program
Viewing Time: 30 Minutes
Speed Channel: June, 2015

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