Phase 2: Remove Body and Begin Repair

Phase 2: Remove Body and Begin Repair

Most restorations of fiberglass specials require removing the body from the chassis.  This allows both the repair of any damage/issues underneath but also allows you to create a 10-point mounting system that allows the body to be properly supported on the chassis and removal from the chassis too.


  • Separate body from chassis
  • Create supporting structure in wood to support body when upside down and being repaired.
  • Repair underside of body, strengthen as needed and seal with Duratec – 2 part epoxy primer
  • Rework or replace floor
  • Rework or replace firewall and toe board
  • Strengthen door jambs
  • Strengthen/repair hood and trunk hinge areas and rain gutter lips
  • Repair cracks and stressed/bowed areas on both sides of body
  • Repair topside of body
  • Determine location of gas filler/cap
  • Create dashboard as needed
  • Create interior/cockpit panels as needed

Phase 2 Outcome

The body is strengthened and repaired.  Final blocking/sanding is not part of this phase.

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