John Gulow

John  Gulow
LaDawri  Coachcraft  Historian  Emeritus

From L to R, John Gulow, Geoff Hacker, Rick D’Louhy


From the late 1970s through the 1990s, John Gulow worked tirelessly in researching and sharing the history of LaDawri Coachcraft.  John tracked down his first LaDawri in 1978 and started compiling information in handwritten ledgers (remember kids….no personal computers in the late 1970s and 1980s….or very few).  John also traveled to car shows throughout the northeast seeking information by wearing a sign – a timeless tradition – also shown below.

We thank John Gulow for all his efforts, and know that his contributions continue to help all of us through the present day.  Click on the links below to explore in detail and check out some of this photos below.

Articles (Jon Greuel and John Gulow)
Vintage  Kit  Cars  Need  a  Home  on  the  Internet  Too
Hemmings Motor News: May, 2007

One Man’s Pursuit of the LaDawri
Vancouver Sun: August 12, 1980

A  Short  History  of  LaDawri  Coachcraft

My  History  of  LaDawri  Coachcraft  in  Retrospect:  “A  Message  In  A  Bottle”
John  Gulow:  April,  2020

A  Short  History  of  LaDawri  Coachcraft:  Update
John  Gulow:  May,  1996

A  Short  History  of  LaDawri  Coachcraft
John  Gulow:  May,  1986

From  The  John  Gulow  Collection:


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