Merrill Powell

Merrill Powell

Co-Founder of Victress Manufacturing (founded 1952)
Designer of Victress C2 and C3 Coupe
America’s First Fiberglass GT Coupe Sports Car of Original Design

Merrill Powell at Carlisle, 2014


Merrill  Powell  Interview
Listening Time:  36 Minutes
Cars Yeah!  April 12, 2014


“The body was designed by Victress’ Merrill Powell, a graduate of Psych who spent four years working as a medical administrative officer in the USAF and who eventually decided to get out of wig-straightening as a profession.  He really got way out!  After just one semester at Art Center School, he was earning his living exploiting what is obviously a tremendous native talent for design.”

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“The  Victress  C3 –
$20,000  Worth  of  Automobile”
Griffith Borgeson on Hot Rods
Fawcett Book: 1959

Merrill  Powell’s  Background:
Taken  From  1955  Victress Brochure

“Merrill Powell, Vice President and Design Group Chief for Victress, also spent a good portion of his life with roadsters and rods, but his interest turned more to design than racing. After graduating from Baylor, he took two years of Post Graduate work in Automotive Design at Los Angeles’ famed Art Center School.  Not yet 30, Powell is one of America’s top up-and-coming designers, and is well known in automotive circles.”

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Merrill Powell at Carlisle, 2014

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