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JR’s  Speed  Shop:  Venice, Florida

At Left is the 1955 Siebler Special; At Right is Unrestored Allied “Cisitalia” Swallow Coupe Just In For Restoration

The folks at JR’s Speed Shop have done exceptional work for us and can for you too.  Owners John Pascucci and Pete Kenny along with Cade and Dean are driven by unique projects that tap into their fabrication and engineering expertise.  We at Undiscovered Classics are honored to have them as one of our affiliates that complete work on our cars and are available to work on your car too.

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Hemmings  Motor  News:  New  Sports  Car  Chassis  For  Vintage  Sports  Cars
Now  Available  at  JR’s  Speed  Shop

Custom  Chassis  For  Your  Vintage  Sports  Car

We are excited you have considered using one of our tubular-type chassis under your vehicle. We encourage you to take your time, do all the research you can, and make certain you are choosing the product that is the right fit for you and your project. The following information was put together in order to assist you with this task.

We have created our chassis with the intent to take American sports cars of the 1950’s to the next level of usability, functionality, and performance. This is accomplished in a cost effective and modular package while still maintaining a proper vintage look and feel. Years of research and design have come to fruition in this chassis, providing top-of-the-line performance while maintaining the charm and feel of a vintage sporting car.

While not identical, our chassis maintains the styling and major design features of the Kurtis 500-KK chassis of the 1950s. The updated suspension provides better handling and the use of readily available sprint car torsion bars and shocks. This gives us a level of ride customization that was unavailable at the time of the Kurtis design, allowing our chassis to be scaled to fit any sports car body with relative ease. The Ford nine inch axle housing in the rear will stand up to nearly any vintage power plant, and is the standard equipment in our design. It can, however, be easily swapped out for a different rear end to better fit the purpose of the vehicle being built.

The following is a short list of the chassis components being utilized as well as further options that can be added to  make the chassis fit your needs.

The Basics (all dimensions in inches):
-Chassis will utilize 1.750 OD x .095 wall 1018 alloy steel roll cage tubing
-Fully TIG welded chassis, components, and brackets
-All new construction, brackets, hardware, joints etc.
-Watts style locating link on front and rear axles
-Anti-roll bars front and rear (finished with vehicle weight totals)
-Roomy and compact design. Utilize maximum vehicle interior room, engine setback etc.
-Street style tube shock all four corners
-Torsion bar suspension w/ bronze Oilite bushing inserts and adjustable Heim joints/links
-Adjustable ride height
-Early ford front spindles, hubs, steering arms, and early Lincoln-style 12×2 front drum brakes
-Ford 9 inch rear differential, 31 spline, limited slip, 11in by 2.25 in drum brake
-New Ford style cross steer 20:1 ratio steering box
-Stainless steel 16-gallon fuel tank w/ internal return style fuel pump (190 lph up to 450hp)
-4.5×5 or 4.75×5 wheel bolt pattern front and rear

Options included with chassis:
-Rear differential ratio
-Spring rates, front and rear
-Anti-roll bar stiffness (more street or more race, soft/stiff)
-Wheel base and track width specifications with some restrictions
-Centered or offset rear differential pinion

Not included with chassis:
-Wheel/tire combination
-Engine or transmission mounts
-Clutch/brake controls/master cylinders (vehicle body determines placement)

Upgrades available:
-Certain suspension components can be of titanium or alloy for weight savings.
-Alloy rear diff center
-Disc brakes all around
-Power steering or steering ratio changes/quickener
-Quick change rear differential (either vintage looking or not)
-Single or double adjustable shocks
-Vented front brake drums
-Chassis tubing to 1.625 inch 4130 chromoly (less weight and more strength)
-Stainless hardware everywhere
-Simple roll hoops or complex roll cage. Removable or not, upon supplied dimensions

The base price for our chassis is $16,000. If we are responsible for assembly of the rest of the car we will give a 10% discount from that price. Any upgrades you want, or would like priced out, can be discussed at time of purchase. Of course, you may see something not listed above that you would like us to incorporate into your chassis. You can contact us with whatever you would like and we will have it priced out and ready when we meet to discuss the project. We are a very capable fabrication shop and will be able to handle most any changes. We look forward to working with you save another piece of exciting American automobile history.

J.R.’s Speed Shop – Venice ,Florida –  Facebook.com/jrspeedshop – 1.941.484.7353 – M-F 9am-5:30pm EST